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The Wisden Cricketer


Cricketer Of The Year
I've just recieved the 1st edition of "The Wisden Cricketer" as part of a 2 year subscription because I had 2 1 year subscriptions to the Cricketer and WCM.

In my opinion, and only based on the 1st edition of the magazine, I don't think TWC is anywhere near as good as the 2 magazines it replaced. The reporting isn't as good, the layout is quite confusing and the designs are quite annoying. What I liked about recieving The Cricketer and WCM was the differing views and reports, ie if one said something in a county review, the other would most probably mention a different story. And for my final rant, it looks like they've tried to shove far too much in then piled it so full of adverts they had to leave most of it out.

Not impressed.

Your views?


World Traveller
I can see what you mean. They have gone from a very good cricket magazine, to one that is sub standard.


State Vice-Captain
ive given up with it...

i wanted to make examples but Rik has got them perfectly..

it used to be of a high class...what has happened


Eyes not spreadsheets
I will buy the first one for certain, and possibly a couple more (to see if it improves)

Any chance of a refund for you Rik?


I beg to differ here!

I dont find the layout at all good, ill admit that, but its bright and jam packed with stuff, way more photos etc.. im getting league news which I never got with WCM and loads of other stuff which i havent read into in detail yet.. There are loads more articles than the horribly thin WCM...

Obviously it wont have the clout of two magazines put together, because it isnt two magazines, but after a little read, it seems more than an ample replacement to WCM...

Neil Pickup

Cricket Web Moderator
I got a copy on Saturday, and first impressions are that it beats WCM, I can't do the crossword, and where the heck's Marcus Berkmann gone?

Never read the Cricketer before.


Cricketer Of The Year
They've mainly gone for the WCM side it seems. The Cricketer was my favorite but I liked WCM for a different opinion. They've replaced one very good magazine and one decent one with one rather mediocre one. I won't get a refund though, since there are no other cricket magazines thanks to them joining the 2...


Request Your Custom Title Now!
I like the Australian cricket mag, The Inside Edge
I've got a copy of all of them and used to like them before they adjusted the language in it to be something on par with a very cheap porno mag. Maybe they wanted to appeal to the 'blokes and sheilas' market but the lack of sophistication in the last few issues has been palpable.

Bah, who need mags anyway? It's all on the net!


Cricketer Of The Year
My Mum went to a place called "Scrappies" which recyles mazagines and the like, and the result is I've got a boot full of old "The Cricketer" magazines! She would have got more but she couldn't carry them! All for free :D