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The MMA/UFC Thread


Cricketer Of The Year
Holland is cool, but somewhat worried about him. One loss not the end of the world, but outclassed by Brunson, doubtful if the guy has the hunger to get to the next level which is a shame as the sport desperately needs stars.

Brunson deserves a nice money fight now.

It was a decent little card tbf, some nice knockouts.


Cricketer Of The Year
Yeah it was a fun 1st rd but he is absolutely finished.

Ngannu v Lewis should happen next, rematch and Lewis deserves the fight. I don't trust Jones to fight but obviously that would be moolah if it happened.
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Cricketer Of The Year
Excellent fights booked last few days by UFC.

Volkov v Gane, winner should really be next in line for a title shot , I know Gane is raw but if he beats Volkov at this stage of his career, holy ****.

Volkov v Ngannu would be a banger also.

Mc Gregor v Dustin,,,,fascinated to see what Conor has left, he had a really good 1st round last time v him so all those who think Dustin smashes him could be in for a shock.

Burns v Thompson. :wub:


Cricketer Of The Year
Not sure Holland can make 170 to easily so he may have to make do with a gatekeeper type role sadly.

Vettori is cool, but watching him he's lucky Till got injured because he'd have been knocked into next week otherwise as he is way to loose.

Allen v Yussuf was an absolute banger btw.