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The Importance of Being a World Cup Winner


Evil Scotsman
I'd have Gilly, but you better not be the same guy who criticises people for being Excel spreadsheet nerds :p You can argue Sanath changed the game and that can be taken into account when choosing an ATG XI instead of pure stats.

Also where does Amla sit in this argument? If he has a good World Cup this year its open slather for him to make an ATG XI
See to be honest, I find it harder to rank current players because squads are so heavily rotated these days. IMO bilateral ODI series are almost meaningless so someone like Amla is probably going to perhaps unfairly suffer. His numbers are insane but I'd be lying if I said any of his innings were in any way memorable.

edit: before anyone jumps on me that's a reflection of how little cricket I've watched in the last few years.
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International 12th Man
Nah, that accusation against Sachin has been around a long, long time. 2003 was just the culmination of it.
true and he bottled it in another WC final. Remember him failing in champions trophy final as well.