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Slow clap....


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
So when the thread was opened I didn't like the title or the subject. If it was "Which cricketer secretly is Stephen?" It would have been ok. "Which cricketer are secretly forum posters" with someone having a jab at me would have been fine, if not encouraged.

But it wasn't. It was about my identity and in a way that looked a bit creepy.

The contents of the thread was ok until the creepy picture came out.

Spark has apologised on behalf of the mods privately and I consider the matter closed. I don't think there was any ill intent and when the thread did derail it felt like a joke gone to far.

Anyway the thread is closed now, and as far as I'm concerned, so is the case.


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I'm glad stephen feels as though he can move on and thank him for his mature post, however; the situation with regards to moderating standards has not been addressed and, fortunately for the rest of the forum, I am prepared to carry this fight on until my inevitable triumph.


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or perma ban and death of the website that would follow, whichever comes first.

Prince EWS

Global Moderator
surprised this thread hasn't been closed tbh
surprised your face hasn't been closed tbh

In the spirit of the thread it really wouldn't be right unless I made a post in it after I should've closed it, and then waited another couple of posts until it got reported before doing it.

Lillian Thomson

Hall of Fame Member
The lobotomised fried haddock (or whatever it was) would have been a vast improvement on the trash posted in Cricket Chat this afternoon.