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Sally McLellan you absolute star


Fuller said:
(3:51 AM) Cabbages, knicke: I bet pasag reckons Dire Straits are top ****
(3:52 AM) Cabbages, knicke: In 10 years, he'll like Matchbox 20
(3:52 AM) Cabbages, knicke: he's just that boring
(3:52 AM) Cabbages, knicke: ohhh, that was a brutal hit on my part
(3:53 AM) Cabbages, knicke: a man can't recover from being accused of liking Matchbox 20
Reminded me of this.


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
I just looked it up, she appears to have finished 2nd. I saw this thread and thought something amazing must have happened.
It did, basically. Given how shot our Athletics team looked (in terms of Medal chances) when Deakes and Rawlingson pulled out with Injury, for Sally to grab a silver was a huge surprise, and a fantastic achievement given Track & Field aren't exactly Australias forte.


World Traveller
The whole thing was pretty funny, with her and the Canadian chick jumping up and down as if they had won $40m in the lottery.


World Traveller
To give you her full interview:

"I'M like, 'come on, don't be scared of those hurdles', because I was so scared of those hurdles. I just said 'no guts, no glory', and I got it.

OH my God, you've got to be kidding me. Is this real? This is amazing, I can't believe it. I don't know what to say.

I GOT out, didja see me? I was standing at the start. Did you see how pumped I was, I was probably more pumped than I've ever been in my life (before the race). I actually ran my own race for once. (After the semi-final), in my head I was like, 'I have to medal'.

I WALKED out into that stadium like I never have before. I was acting so strange, I was yelling out and talking to myself out loud. I've never acted like that before in a race, I just got it right on the night.

IN a way I was acting like an arrogant American, screaming and yelling (before the race).

I WASN'T hurdling the greatest last night, I was happy to get a medal.

IT was bloody awesome.

I'VE got big enough boobs to get across there in front of everyone, so that is good.

I HATE training but all that hard training has been worth it.

SHE can be quite scary (her coach Sharon Hannan).

I JUST got out, I don't even know how I got out, I got over the hurdles and I was like, ****, I could see the girl pass me, I saw Lolo pass me and I was just like keep running your own race, keep running your own race ... and I did, I actually ran my own race for once.

I DIDN'T think I would (get silver), but I just wanted to, and I did. I wanted it bad enough.

I LOOKED up at the scoreboard and I thought, why haven't they got my name up there yet? I know I've got it.

I COULD have told them myself that I got silver. I would have gone up there and said 'I got silver, and put it on the board'.

I WAS sure (second place) but I wasn't 100 per cent sure ... but I was still pretty sure that I had it (waiting for scoreboard).

I DON'T know how I did it. I just did it. I don't know what happened, I just ran it.

I SAW Lolo go down and I thought go for it and I did, and I got it. Can you believe it?

I FELT for her (Lolo Jones) but I mean, it's good for me.

I CAN'T believe it, thank you Sharon (Hannan, coach). Thank you everyone I thanked before except for last time I missed out my mum, my boyfriend, and mum's travelling partner Vicki and I have to say hello Sydney, Daven, Aila and Brook my three cousins ... my four cousins in Oz."

THERE are so many random Aussies out there it's so cool. Thank you Australia you've just been so awesome. I've got all your Facebook messages, I've got all your emails, I will get back to you one day.

I DIDN'T even do a great time. I didn't even hurdle that great so imagine what I am going to do when I hurdle good.

I WAS kind of lying saying I just want to make the final, I knew I had it in there somewhere but I wasn't going to put that much pressure on myself.

THE emotion, the excitement, the adrenalin, everything was just all rolled into one and it just exploded out of me when I ran, it was great.

YOU got to go for gold. I mean I've got another two Olympics in me, so there's going to be a gold one in there.

I HAD a great start. Those girls obviously didn't have a great start.

I KEPT my cool, I didn't worry about anyone else. I got over that finish line and got silver.

YOU have to live it. For most athletes it's a once in a lifetime chance, I enjoyed every second of it.

SHE (Lopes Schliep) was the first person I saw so I just grabbed her.

I ALWAYS had a feeling I was going to get a medal. I didn't say anything in case it didn't happen."




Norwood's on Fire
I'VE got big enough boobs to get across there in front of everyone, so that is good

Best thing I have ever read, deserves her own thread, what is it you say, fair dinkum?! :laugh: