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Question on ban announcements


Mr. Glass
I suppose it's not really a response to Athlai, but they way I see it - I just find the whole situation a little sad, as in I actually agree that Banning him is probably the correct thing to do in absence of things suggested by cnerd- but I am also inclined to take GS Kohli at face value and thus acknowledging that doing so probably does devoid a potentially technologically challenged retiree from doing something he finds at least some joy in given the amount of time he spends here.
on the plus side SJS remembered to login to his old account


International Regular
GSK is 100% a banned former poster pretending to be an Indian with bad English, to grind mods gears for kicks, presumably.


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Thank **** Brook's side got banned. Most poisonous poster on forum atmosphere since Mr Miyagi.

On G.S. Kohli, I can see both arguments. Personally for me, his posting hurts threads and it makes it difficult to follow. Equally though, I don't love banning posters who have genuine enthusiasm about cricket and are otherwise unproblematic. Problem is that if mods are saying "stop" and he refuses, what more can you do?


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If we have to believe the man, he is at age 65+ or something. Can just give him the one love of his life, i.e creating cricket threads. He is not trolling or instigating anyone, so can just ignore his posts if one wishes so.
Why do you assume he’s a sad old man and cricket was the one love of his life? Maybe he’s a multimillionaire posting from a mansion in Florida having indulged in a bit of nose candy.