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Question on ban announcements


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4 out of the last 7 bans have been due to posters asking for a break from the forums. The other 3 have been davado

What's going on atm. Are we really that intolerable/addictive bunch? :(
It's you. They want to get away from you.

And your posts.

And your face.


Whatever it takes!!!
A lot of us dealing with some RL stuff that is tough for many reasons. They just felt it would be good to take a break as they may not be in the best mental state to engage in online debates conversations.

Lillian Thomson

Hall of Fame Member
What are the limitations of a ban? I've only ever had one (fusion was involved so it was unjust and doesn't count) but I was about to go on holiday and didn't find out about it until I returned so never attempted to log in.
It says slippy888 has been banned for a month, but it also says he was last seen today. Does that mean you can still log in but can't post?