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Pre-Season Tournament Details Announced


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Samuel_Vimes said:
Then give us some opposition that'll actually make us struggle, instead of islands with a combined population smaller than Oslo.

(Yes, New Zealand might pwn us.)
technically though we would be on par with the likes of Fiji, Vanuatu and American Samoa and would have some chance of being a top 4 team at this stage...


Cricketer Of The Year
kears_falcon_9 said:
This still coming along Blewy? Hope she aint gone under already:ph34r:
Na mate, still going along...

Slight hicup at the moment which could see all Marquee players axed (they are asking for to many Royalties from the FA).. Waiting on Andy to get back to me before we make a final decision afterwhich the pre-season should get underway soon thereafter..


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Jungle Jumbo said:
I presume the marquee players are dominating the testing.
yeah, things like Romario scoring 5 goals in 8-3 result are occuring regularly...