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Pool A - England, Samoa, South Africa, Tonga, United States

ohtani's jacket

State Vice-Captain
Tonga rule. Best game of the tournament so far.

The only good thing about England was how tough Wilkinson is. Boy can he take the hits.


Hall of Fame Member
Easy for Samoa so far.

Disappointed not to see all the Tuilagis. Wanted a good look at them all, considering the rumours.


Hall of Fame Member
St Helens' chairman and chief executive flew out to France earlier this week and reputedly approached one of the Tuilagi's about following in big brother Fereti's footsteps. Reckon it was just an excuse for a romantic getaway, myself...

Enjoyed the second half. USA made a game of it. ****e decision making when they were chasing 2 tries in the last 15 or so minutes, though. They had all the play and could have won it but for stupid errors and kicking for goal when 3 wouldn't have done it.


International Vice-Captain
...Staying in tonight for the England game..hope its worth the watch and that we get

through to the next round...:)


International Vice-Captain
...Tonga making it interesting going 10 - 3 into the lead...

and then a nice move from Johnny there....now Tonga at 10-8...


Pretty much what I thought would happen. Our kicking from hand & set pieces was the difference. I doubt the crims will be quaking in their boots tho.

Oh, & Piper & Pie: I told you so:

All I can say is ''Bye! Bye England!'' I'd be surprised if they made it through this group. It's probably the hardest group in the competition. SA will definitely go through and maybe Samoa.
Let's not go over the top here. We're poor, but we will qualify. Fiji & Samoa have never beaten us ever & aren't that likely to start now.
Did you see how bad we were in the Six Nations BB? Your blind optimism is endearing but let's have some good ol' Blighty pessimism and say we're a fair chance of getting dumped out in a shock result.

I hope not of course, but I never rule anything out. :p

Even if I did mistake Tonga for Fiji... :ph34r: