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Pool A - England, Samoa, South Africa, Tonga, United States


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Thought someone coming from where you do would have a better understanding of their sins, itbt.


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I had and still don't have any intentions of turning this thread into a discussion about the relative merits and shortcomings of the two rugby codes, so "8-)" to you. Whatever your thoughts on rugby league as a sport are, it in no way justifies nigh on 100 years of persecution by the RFU.
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True, but supporting the RFU is kind of like sympathising with Nazi Germany
Missed this 1st time round. Could not agree more. :)

Not all about the game but about the RFU and the people.

Thats why myself, an Englishman who started appreciating Union a little in SA will support SA.

Im part of the AOBE crowd Im afraid


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Pretty much what I thought would happen. Our kicking from hand & set pieces was the difference. I doubt the crims will be quaking in their boots tho.

Oh, & Piper & Pie: I told you so:


Even if I did mistake Tonga for Fiji... :ph34r:
Listen here Dale, how was I to know that England was going to start to play rugby after 4 years of total crap? Hmmm?



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No. They were the only team who beat them. Don't forget that England nearly lost to USA