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*Official* Zimbabwe in Pakistan 2020


Hall of Fame Member
While it doesn't look too bad on paper, due to the crapness of the death bowling, and the pitch might just be a bit harder to time than the complete lack of movement indicates, that was a piss poor effort from Pakistan. Rotation of the strike horrible of usual.

Still probably 50 too much for Zimbabwe, who seem to have selected about two batsmen.


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Never realised just how old this Zimbabwe side is. Williams, Ervine, Taylor, Chibhabha and even Raza are kinda old.


International Coach
Wesley Madhevere ! Did very nicely though. Always been rated highly.

Taylor will have to get 20 off an over here.


International Coach
Did he play much cricket for Northants ?

In a selfish sort of way I'm glad his Kolpak was ended because he looked like the future of fast bowling for Zim before he left.


International Debutant
The second match is on in case anyone's interested
I am always interested when Zim play ;)

Chari is an odd case. Classic Zim selection based on having a decent technique and looking good without putting up good numbers, even in domestic cricket. Doing okay right now to be fair.

Prince EWS

Global Moderator
Never realised just how old this Zimbabwe side is. Williams, Ervine, Taylor, Chibhabha and even Raza are kinda old.
Yeah it feels like it's been 10+ years since a batsman came into the side and looked like they might stick around for longer than a series or two, especially in ODIs. Moor was alright in Tests but got randomly dropped; I hope he doesn't bail. Ditto Ryan Burl who seems to get a lot more interest as a globetrotting T20 leg spinner than the Test bat I thought he was going to be.

It's still a sometimes-decent team but I really fear for it moving forward given its four best players will probably retire close together (and soon). I actually kind of expected them to do it after they failed to qualify for the last World Cup but I think the pain of missing it made them want to have one more crack at another one. BT will have been playing international cricket for twenty years in 2023 when the next one rolls around though.

The core of the side cut their teeth in a much better era for player development in the country. They'd already fallen in love with the game and learned how to bat and bowl when the **** really hit the fan. What we've seen more recently suggests they could get lapped by some of the associates in the next three years or so when the middle order calls it quits, unless Madhevere averages 40 with the bat and 25 with the ball.


Hall of Fame Member

Third match. Pakistan rotating their bowlers, odd seeing the winning side making more changes than the losing.

First wicket falls as I'm writing too.