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*Official* Women's Cricket discussion thread


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Try reading the law again
Shhh @honestbharani. Wouldn't want to hurt someone's feelings for them being an out of date idiot would we?

P.S. @Brompton there was never any rule to give a warning. It was just a convention as a sop to placate the whiners otherwise known a 'batsmen'.

If every bowler stopped at their release point how many batters would ever be in the crease? I'm going to say none.
There's an incredibly easy adjustment they can do to make sure they are.


Whatever it takes!!!

Its true she only started moving after delivery stride but that is what the new rule very clearly states. You simply should only leave the crease after bowler releases the ball, its that simple really. Otherwise, you risk being run out. And when you are, you are just out. It has nothing to do with "spirit of cricket" or "cheating" any more than any other form of dismissal does.
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Every team has the opportunity to pull this stunt every game- only one team keeps insisting on doing it. It's like, nobody's impressed that it's technically "in the rules"


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Lol, I'm more amused than anything. It's not my team being robbed

I look at it as if the underarm ball law didn't get changed and Australia kept trying to do it in matches