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*Official* Women's Cricket discussion thread


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I'm still miffed we lost Kate Heffernan to the Silver Ferns. I remember watching her T20I debut and thought there was heaps to work with there - tall and decent pace.

Magrat Garlick

Global Moderator
again I don't understand why there had to be a month between the Commonwealth Games and India touring England (*again* by the way), but the people running cricket are inscrutable
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School Boy/Girl Captain
ive been trying to watch the cpl but ive come to the conclusion that most professional women cricketers are terrible players.

Did anyone see shrubsole lumbering around the field yesterday failing to field the ball like a hippopatomous?
she's clearly lackimng fitness by about 50 kilos

And the batters' combined best efforts struggle to score more than 1 run per ball over the entire innings

With the exception of australia i cannot concieve of anyy reason so many substandard players get paid to play.
i assume theyre just there to make up the numbers because there arent enough women cricketers to play a tournament

no offence but theyre unwatchable
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U19 Vice-Captain
Given that Manchester barely scored 120 in the men's, and even then Oval struggled to chase it, it's clear the Lord's pitch wasn't a good one for a final. So, the ladies score wasn't that bad in context. Not one that a strong Oval was likely to struggle with though, but that's just because they're a quality side.

I don't want to get into body shaming. It's not helpful. But with more professionalisation of the women's game, standards and fitness will improve.


School Boy/Girl Captain
ok i didnt realise that as i didnt see the mens game. Thanks
although the criticism of shrubsole was fair. Terrible fielding has nothing to do with the pitch and crticism of a player's physique is hardly body shamng. She obviously cares more about cream cakes than cricket and it shows on the field


U19 Vice-Captain
England batting is a bit light though. Get the top three out quick and it'll be tough. Bouchier is not an international number five.


U19 Vice-Captain
A closer game than it should have been tonight. Great start by England with the ball, then a mix of inventive late order batting and sloppy fielding allowed India to get a competitive total. Then a great start became a wobble before Capsey saw England home. How often will we see that in the next fifteen years?

Are there any decent genuine batters in the domestic game? I know Knight and Sciver are missing but that middle order is brittle. Jones has no competition so years of average performances are accepted. Bouchier and Smith are nowhere near top level. Still amazed that Beaumont can't get a place tbh.

straw man

International Coach
Looks like the NZ W vs WI W series is live on youtube (Windies Cricket channel always delivers). First one still watchable in full below but no highlights unfortunately.
Second match tomorrow.

ashley bach

International Regular
Exciting finish to the WI v NZ ODI. NZs reliance on three batters getting exposed
Holy moly just saw the result now. Was keeping tracks but with NZ nearly 100/1 must admit that I stopped following assuming it was in the bag.
Yeah outside those top 3 its looking very average indeed, a 4th good bat is badly required.