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***Official** West Indies in England***

Scaly piscine

Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
Trademark Bell innings, slows it down so the pressure piles on the batsman at the other end, gets in and then doesn't make it count.


You'll Never Walk Alone
Awesome quick bowling by the Windies at the mo. Edwards at first-change is a great idea.


International Captain
Great catch, and it's falling apart now.

Mascarenhas not doing his prospects any good with his 3rd single-figure score.


Cricket Web Staff Member
Mascarenhas not doing his prospects any good with his 3rd single-figure score.
If that's seriously held against him they're mad. He's been easily the best of the bowlers in this series. I've been thinking he'll become the next Mark Ealham already - I hope it won't come to pass.


International Captain
He's been very tidy I agree, but has he had to bowl his 70 mph floaters in the closing overs?

WRT his batting, obviously he's a better player than scores of 2, 3 and 5 would indicate, but he needed runs to hang onto his place when Bopara and Flintoff return.

Who's that gone, Plunkett? I wasn't watching.