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*Official* Tour Matches


International Coach
Khawaja WAG bats like a true Pakistani.

Can any Aussie enlighten why there is so much obsession with Smith he looks average every time I see him bowl.


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Has to be said, Bresnan is just the archetypal Pommie seamer... Tall, solid and with a big, lumpy melon.


Agree with Xuhaib. Khawaja's front foot play is quite bad, like a typical Pakistani batsman.

Hughes has trouble playing the line of the ball when it is in the corridor.
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International Coach
Both Ferguson and Khawaja failing in this game and Hussey scoring a ton should give Huss a bit of breathing space now.
The Australian A top order failing on day 1 was slightly understandable but their performance on day 3 has been inexplicable, gotta give credit to the English bowlers but still poor effort this from blokes who are pushing for a test spot.