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*Official* Tennis Thread


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
Its embarrassing stuff. At least Dokic looked like she was an okay chick. The Tomic father and son double team is fairly brutal.
Some crazy parents in tennis - Tomic, Dokic, Graf, Pierce, Williams, etc etc etc

Probably publicized more because of the money that they make but it's hard to think of a sport with more whackos


Virat Kohli (c)
Jaw hit the floor when I woke up this morning and checked the scores.

I wonder if he will blow out again in the French Open odds. He shortened a lot after he beat Rafa in Monte Carlo.

Lillian Thomson

Hall of Fame Member
Federer also out in Madrid. Murray scrapes through in final set tie-break.

Laura Robson threw away a 5-2 final set lead and lost in a tie-break against Ivanovic. I can't help think she should have been more aggressive and bitten Ivanovic's arm.


Virat Kohli (c)
it looks like age and the miles on his body have finally started taking its toll...
Nah he just came back from a long break. Rusty. Would not be surprised if he has a good run in Rome.

Don't forget Novak lost early in Madrid too and Rafa was a set and a break down vs. Ferrer. They're all a bit up-and-down this year.


Virat Kohli (c)
So Murray came back from 3-6 1-4 and then again a break down at 4-5 to win the second set... and then retired immediately after.

The weirdest ****ing **** I have ever seen. You just can't warm to this **** I swear.


Global Moderator
Murray skipping Roland Garros would actually be quite good, as it would mean that Nadal will enter it as the 4th seed, and not have to meet one of the other big 4 in the quarters.