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*Official* Tennis Thread


Hall of Fame Member
Gauff vs Muchova…want Coco to win but Muchova has been in tremendous form these past few months…


International Coach
Their goes Iga, not a great performance but Penko in the zone is a pain and she clearly enjoys playing Iga.

Penko v Gauff next in the quarter final, Penko probably implodes in that match knowing her. :laugh:


International Captain
Feels like we're just going through the process until we get to Djokovic v Alcaraz in the Final. It's possible that Medvedev could cause some issues, but it's looking pretty nailed on now. Djokovic has got through his one dodgy match which he seems to often have and now looks the most likely winner to me.


Cricket Spectator
Really looking forward to the match between Alcaraz and Zverev. I think Zverev gonna push this match to at least 4 sets.


International Coach
Pretty crap quarter finals from the men and ladies unfortunately.

Novak v Shelton
Carlos v Med'

Shelton is fun and may nick a set but Novak should be fine and Med struggles bigly v Carlos

Saba v Keys
Gauff v Muchova

Keys has to beat a superior version of herself, doubtful although Saba has cracked in the last few slams.

Gauff v Muchova should be good both girls very impressive so far.


International Captain
Med v Rublev was brutal stuff. Must be weird playing against your best mate. Medvedev does come across very well in the interviews, just seems a very decent bloke.


International Coach
Want Gauff to win but Sabalenka has to be the big favorite going in…

saba small fav betting wise, she was a mess for a lot of the Keys match but got it done.

Gauff v Muchova was pretty poor bar the last few games which were good fun, the protestors deserve some credit because it was unwatchable until the interval as Muchova was awful.

Its not been great since the quarter finals the slam sadly so needs a good finish.


International Coach
Wow their goes Carlos who has owned Med recently.

Novak not had to get out of 2nd gear as his draw fell apart so think he could be in for a war in the final if Medvedev plays like he did tonight.