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*Official* Tennis Thread


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
2020 is finally turning around. :)
Meh Nadal has never won of these, in the end they're irrelevant, see dimitrov winning it, Oz Open will be a different story.

Thiem is looking like a decent player though, if he can beat one of the big three in a slam final, it would be a starter to a great career, as let's face it no-one, outside of tennis circles knows him for his slam win.


Cricketer Of The Year
I know Novak is a knob, but would help if people knew the difference between demand and request.

This happens with Negotiation you try to meet somewhere in the middle which is obviously what he is hoping for regarding his requests.

Not his fault that Aussies can't get home either, that's on the Aussie gov.

Although obviously wear a mask and encourage people to take the vaccine Novak.


International Coach
Yup. I'm struggling with the novel experience of agreeing with Kyrgios about anything, but he's not wrong on this one.


State Captain
This has been a pretty huge performance from Kyrgios.
A Krygios win and that quarter of the draw opens up massively, FAA against a qualifier and Krygios v Dimitrov in last 16, each of them would see this as a great chance of a semi final. Never say never if Thiem wins but you would expect Thiem to get through to semis if he navigates an awkward 5 setter tonight


Cricketer Of The Year
Big win that for Thiem , he looks very solid right now.

I never trust Novak when it comes to injures but I don't think this is vintage Novak so he much more vulnerable than usual even if 100% fit.

Thiem has a relatively soft quarter so he should get through to the semis relatively easily.

Not seen much of Medv' or Nadal to comment, both seem to have defeated scrubs so far.

On the ladies, I have a token bet on Jennifer Brady, but Osaka looks really good. She has had some tricky matches on paper and handled easily.

Women's tennis needs someone to absolutely boss the sport, winning a slam and then going to crap for ages (Mugu) does not make a global superstar.


Cricketer Of The Year
Annoyed by Thiem yeah he had a tough match with Kyrigos but so ****ing what.

Done little of note since the US Open sadly.


International Coach
i don't think anything other than an injury to one of them can prevent a nadal - djokovic final so thiem's loss isn't really significant in the larger scheme of things...


State Captain
Was shocked when I heard Nadal was 4th favourite a few days back. I get Djokovic being ahead of him and Thiem but was shocked that Medvedev was more fancied then Nadal!