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*Official* Match 21 - England v South Africa

Who will win this match?

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International Coach
Robbie P is a much improved bowler but I'm still surprised Botha isn't playing.

Morne Van Wyk will bat 3...very good at attacking quick bowling.


International Coach
Having watched a fair bit of Robbie P over the last few games, I do have to say that he has impressed me. Certainly, a notch above the one I used to know. Have to say though, this has been some terrible batting here. K Pietersen is surely looking down at what could potentially be a long hiatus for him from the ODI side unless things change drastically over the next 2/3 games.


Global Moderator
Oh my goodness. This is like Adelaide in a way.

I think Robin Peterson doesn't quite compare to Jimmy Anderson with a new ball at his peak though.
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U19 12th Man
game over.

Could England's inning end up less than 100!!!!!!!

Don't care. I am gonna go to bed now. Will get up early morning to watch India vs. Ireland, which has got to be better than this.
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haha I think we can expect to see more teams opening with spinners from now on