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**Official** Group A Discussion


Global Moderator
And England thought that the only problem Kookaburra balls gave them was a lack of swing. Breaking the bats now.


Global Moderator
Did Bumble really just bracket Jonny Bairstow with KP as someone who can take the game away from you at the top of the order? Really?


Hall of Fame Member
Typical England start, get yourself bogged down and just hope you can make a half decent score in the last 10.

Unfortunately at the moment, we are going to be so far behind the 8 ball even if we completely tee off in the last 10 we will still fall short of par. Not sure what Englands thinking is...we all know our seamers are not going to bowl tight overs we are not going to defend lowish scores through keeping it tight and this isn't a pitch we are going to knock a team over on. Complete inability to read the conditions and adapt the game plan
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King Pietersen

International Captain
I hate watching England bat in ODi's. Watching the likes of India, they score at 6 an over throughout the innings, and make it look easy. Look at the knock Shikhar Dhawan played the other day, got to his hundred off 80 balls and did it without breaking a sweat. For England, it seems it's either trundle along at 4-4.5, or try and slog and lose wickets. There's no middle ground without Pietersen. Incredibly frustrating, we'll never win this tournament as a 270 maximum team, we just can't compete with the big scoring sides.

Days of Grace

International Captain
Is there anyone in this Australian team who doesn't look like an absolute **** that you would want to punch in the mouth if you were drunk and met them at a bar?


U19 Captain
Bell's been batting for 21 overs, he's facing a part time spinner and there are 4 dot balls in the over. What tripe


Hall of Fame Member
dunno what everyone is complaining about. England are pretty well placed here. Australia don't have too many decent middle overs bowlers so they should be able to up the rate from here.


State Vice-Captain

England have class in top 4 but all play the same pace, this limits the ability to maximise their total! Missing @kevinpp24 or Alex Hales?


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
Aussies seem to rate Hales as he stands out among the ****e they have to pick from but he is no great shakes and out of form this season.

King Pietersen

International Captain
This is ridiculous. We let Williamson do this to us, and now Voges is just being allowed to bowl. Pathetic. Get ****ing moving, this is a 300 minimum track.