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***Official*** English Football Season 2019-20


Hall of Fame Member
I was hoping Norwich would stay somewhat true to the style that took them up. Things sound good in that respect so far.
I thought Norwich did OK, not least because they could easily have gone down 7-0 after that first half, and, as the commentators said, Liverpool would have wanted an early boost to their goal difference. They created more chancers than I expected, and two of the goals were down to mistakes rather than being outplayed.


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Getting up at 5 to travel to Portsmouth for what can surely only be a defeat

Wasn’t a single game in the last four seasons I went to in hope rather than expectation. Yeah baby, the whites are back
Feels like more Shrewsbury players for those two than my lot with it being early season and not used to our new signings. Payne for you, McGilivray, Bolton and Morris for Pompey.

Lillian Thomson

Hall of Fame Member
Supporting Tranmere and Shrewsbury is a luxury. I’m starting to believe I support Bury. We have their manager, back room staff and half the team. Last week a mini bus of Bury fans made the 50 mile trip from Bury to Crewe to watch our game as their own team are not currently allowed to play. If anyone travels from Bury to Plymouth for our game against Colchester today I’m going back on the LSD.


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Haha, the turnover of players is mad these days. You get virtually a brand new team each season and then when you add in the 5 loans that sides get as well it becomes a brand new squad and it takes a month to work out who everyone is when you are watching.


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Didn’t they say they weren’t going to use VAR for that in the Premiership? Load of balls.


Evil Scotsman
This is why fantasy football does my nut. It makes meaningless goals like Nudge's consolation become very irritating when it costs me points for the clean sheet Liverpool won't keep and I'm now also regretting not selecting Pukki as my cheap forward.
Haha yeah this is one of the principle reasons I don't gamble. I get irrationally angry at inconsequential things when things don't go my way.

Raheem Sterling is my fantasy captain though :cool:


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How gutting to lose in stoppage time to a deflection.

Then again we won with a 30 yard worldie last week so a 1-0 either way beats a pair of 0-0s I guess.
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