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Hall of Fame Member
An even more serious response:

who'd you pick, the opening batsman averaging 43 this season and 45 in his career or the opening batsman averaging 34 this season and 41 in his career?

Ive no idea. Im not making suggestions or saying Smith should be selected. TBF, I dont know who is best.

Regarding the topic, one game and out seems harsh and suggesting his none selection is partially due to the team he plays for seems even harsher.

Im not saying the selectors are doing a bad job. Frankly I have no idea who the best players are and I trust their knowledge and picks. It just the 2 points I raise rather than anything against the guys that make the picks.

Magrat Garlick

Global Moderator
suggesting his none selection is partially due to the team he plays for seems even harsher.
Nah, look, that post was (rather like half of Smith's comments) so obviously joking that no one should infer anything from it. Judging by the amount of asterisks in response, it worked. :p

1 game and out may seem harsh, but the problem was, as Smith duly pointed out himself, that we'd picked an opener to bat in the middle order. Looking at it again, we sought to find the best opener in CWLand, and that appears to be Scott.


Hall of Fame Member
TBF it was unfair in the first place that Scott and Fuller were forced to bat out of position for CW 'A', just so someone else could open the batting. Even though both are better opening batsmen.

You got five openers in the top 7, your not going to fit them all in two spots.

Reckon Camps should be the one having a cry. His been forced to bat out of position for three seasons, to allow others to open. Can't remember the last time he scored a run either in the middle order. Lucky he can bowl, cus he would have got dropped a long time ago. Due to his inability to score runs out of position.


Hall of Fame Member
If they're better openers than me then don't pick me for the A side, plain and simple.
The issue is that regardless where you bat, you still pretty much one of best back up bats in country. Recently you have struggled in the middle order, but compartively your record isn't that bad compared to the rest of middle order bats.The strength of OD bats has always been at the top.

There a couple middle order bats coming through in Read and Corrin. But overall most of the top bats are at the top. Read himself has batted at his best at 3. De silva is at his best at 3. Towns is at his best opening or at 3.There not that many guys at 4 or 5 to call on really.

So the only real option is to select an opener out of position. Or push Cloete, Fuller and Bulter down to 4-6, just to allow an extra opener at 3. Harsh on those guys as they are our best bats and better at 3-5, if not opening in Cloete and Fuller case.


It's not recent, my career average in the middle order is less than 20 before this season, and something like 30 this season.

There's no case for me being a middle-order batsman. TBH if we weren't winning games in OD regardless of my form, I'd have been dropped long ago.


Hall of Fame Member
Pick me tbh...i average 43 with the bat in OD since season XI...

So what if i can't even get in the Black side, County cricket ftw...think i'd probably have a better chance of getting in the side if i didn't bowl though tbh

Mr Mxyzptlk

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TBF it was unfair in the first place that Scott and Fuller were forced to bat out of position for CW 'A', just so someone else could open the batting. Even though both are better opening batsmen.
Fuller has actually been excellent practically everywhere he's batted in OD cricket. This season is the first, IIRC, that he's consistently opened the batting. He definitely didn't sign up as an opener.

Regarding Camps, fair point. He's a bigger man though.


The Campsfield Times

Slightly Surprising Statements, Second Edition
By Gringo El Spatcho

Another day, another one on one interview with CW Black captain Dan Smith.

Gringo: So what do you have to say today, Dan? More abuse? More complaining?
Smith: Nah bro ay, I'm retiring from international test and one-day cricket effective immediately, I'll still be available for the T20I side if the selectors want me, though. My integrity regarding this issue has been called into question recently and I'm here to prove that when it comes down to it, the test side means nothing to me on a personal level. I'd rather play for Black any day of the week than the XI, and now, I can.

Gringo: Don't you think this is hasty? You've barely even had a shot at it.
Smith: Nah, I've actually been thinking about it all season. With the players we miss during the international periods I feel as though it's my duty to try and help the young blokes through and guide them. Hopefully now, I can fulfill that role.

I'm only young and have many years ahead of me. Maybe one day I'll consider coming out of retirement but for now, I am no longer in contention. There's players there who are as good if not better than me as replacements and I'm happy to see them play on in my place.

Magrat Garlick

Global Moderator
Didn't even give me a chance to retire knowing someone good would take over.

Good luck winning a trophy that counts with Black though. It might take a while.