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*Official* CW XI Media Coverage


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Just had a close look at the off season stuff. Liking the all round OD performances of Richards, Wilson and Fuller.

Re Smith: Don't you always score runs in the off season and then never get bat during the development league?


I've never made an OD ton outside of CW until this off-season iirc.

It's true that I generally only get a bat at 6 during Devvers when we're under shocking pressure. I usually choke :(


I can't believe I ate the whole thing
Is the CWBCC sacrificing cricket for money?
By BS Bullock

It would appear in an attempt to draw the crowds in and make more money, the CWBCC are making the pitches of CWLand more batsmen friendly.

Liam Camps Snr's smallest summer holiday house in this hemisphere.

In the last three seasons there has been a noticeable increase in bowling averages which begs the question, is the CWBCC trying to attract spectators, television viewers and sponsors by encouraging more runs being scored?

A CWLand cricket pitch, earlier today.

As the theory goes, the general public would rather see more boundaries hit than wickets taken. As batsmen are starting to get more recognition and fame in CWLand, the bowlers are nameless characters in a show all about that's all about the batsmen.
"Even players with mediocre batting abilities like Corrin can score double centuries these days" said disgruntled grade cricketer AJ Ditchburn, "it's a complete and utter joke".

Up and coming batsman Nick Scott pops out to get a diamond bucket filled with caviar.

This could also be the reason for the increasing number of all-rounders, as bowlers attempt to get in on the gravy train. The latter, out of the public spotlight, have to find other ways to make a living.

Heath Davis late yesterday afternoon.

Sources inside the CWBCC have indicated that they are in fact telling ground staff to prepare flatter pitches, all the while trying to fool us into believing it's a bowler dominated competition, with such propaganda as this.

A look at the records reveal a more truthful statistic: the bowling averages are increasing as each season passes.

For example, in season 11, 19 bowlers averaged under 30 (min. 100 overs).
In season 12, just 7 averaged sub-30, while in 13 there was a slight increase with 8 averaging under 30.

So, are the CWBCC flattening out the pitches, or is it a mere coincidence, and is the actual performance and quality of CW bowlers declining?

For the sake of making something out of nothing on a boring day, this reporter thinks it's the former.


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
Davis announces retirement from Dev. League

Reports are circulating that aging paceman Heath Davis has announced his retirement from the top level of CWLand cricket.

Davis was reported as saying to the Pickford Express after his last game of grade cricket that, "I'm contributing nothing to the Black cause this season and have received plenty of feedback from my Black team mates that my presence in the dressing room is causing only division and disharmony"

Events have seemingly come to a head for the sidelined player after a show of petulance in Black's first match of the season, versus CW Red at the Pickford Reserve. As Amir ran in to bowl his first ball of the Black innings to Black Captain, Dan Smith, Davis shouted from the stands through a loudhailer, "Play MEEEEE, you ****!" and Smith immediately edged to the keeper. Since then, Davis has been banned from attending all home games and a request was made from the Black hierarchy to other CWLand teams to ban him from away games.

When pressed on the issue, Davis was said to be 'disappointed' not to get a game and at the signing of Mathew Smith in the off-season, further relegating him down the bowling pecking order. However, the competition for a first team place is not thought to be the reason behind the retirement of a mediocre Development League player. Davis has commented, off the record of course, that he didn't want to become a factor that would drag down the performance of the Black team, or become a pariah at the club. On the record, Davis was heard to say "I will show a great deal of interest in the forthcoming CW series against the touring Pakistani team. I'm sure a couple of players will exceed my match performance of 7-79 against the Pakistanis for the Chairman's XI on what appeared to be a decent batting surface, but I wonder which players will exceed that return."

Davis will continue to turn out for the Pickford Panthers in the Grade tournament for the remainder of the season and harbours hopes of playing another 20:20 tournament for Fardingham at the tail end of the season, but it is thought that he will announce his retirement from the game as a whole at the end of the year.

For avoidance of doubt, Davis will not be looking for another Development League contract stating only that once you've played for the Blacks you have no wish to play anywhere else. It is also thought that other Development League captains think he's a bit of a **** anyway and Davis' skills are not thought to be in demand.


If you were just going to hissy fit and retire you could have told me pre-season so I could sign another paceman.

No worries though, you're pretty hilarious etc


Smith was never going to play ahead of you in FC, you 'tard.

EDIT: And the only reason Donald and Goughy were picked ahead of you for the first part of the season was due to losing Borcich's handy lower order batting, and your general dudness with the willow.