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*Official* CW XI Media Coverage


International Regular
I actually thought Smith was referring to me and my unreal current batting form from the charity series. :laugh:

Still, can't bowl in OD'ers for ****.


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
Veteran allrounder Liam Camps Jr. has asked to be withdrawn from the one-day international squad for the series against India. Camps revealed the cause for his request as mental and physical fatigue. The decision comes as a surprise, mere hours after the squad was announced by the CWBCC.
Heard that Camps was a dual account of Rose, to be honest.

Mr Mxyzptlk

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Big things in Fardingham

A spokesman for the CWBCC today announced plans to build a new cricket facility in Fardingham. The stadium has been estimated at a cost of US$70 million, though the details of sponsorship and funding have yet to be clarified. The facility will consist of a match-ready playing area with a retractable roof, and spectator seating for 10,000. In addition there will be indoor and outdoor net facilities, a conference centre, and a state of the art gymnasium.

There will also be housing accommodation for upward of 25 persons. It is not yet clear what the facility will be used for and the CWBCC neglected to clarify on this issue.


Campsfield Daily Mirror

Movement at the top as Smith calls for change.
By Gringo El Spatcho

At a press conference today in East Robham, promoting the new CW20/20 league, CW Black captain Dan Smith made a shocking announcement.

"Yeah look, the club has been in talks recently at the top. We've called a few meetings together with the coach and the president and have discussed a few things that we feel let us down last season"

"We've decided to stand down Ashley Chaulk as vice-captain for the coming season. It's not a decision we took lightly but we feel that in my absence we lacked some leadership. "

"Chaulk's been great for me in my first few seasons as captain and I'll be eternally grateful but I feel now that I'm experienced enough, and we need to groom someone else."

"And with that said, I'd like to announce Nath Patrick as the new CW Black vice-captain. In both forms of the game."

"Our current leadership group will not change, and I'm sure they'll all help Nath to lead the side in my absence. That is all"