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*Official* CW XI in England and UK


Hall of Fame Member
Is there any place i can find a list of past results for the CWXI ODI team?
Closest Thing

We used to probably be as dominate as Australia in ODIs, so that why these type of performances are disappointing. Then again I am looking forward to try and rebuild this ODI side as we where always going to fall away somewhat after a couple retirements. In the past when top players have stepped up their weren't that active in the first place or we had better players to replace them coming into the side. Other would probably have more idea, but I'm pretty sure that Markus and Goff where probably our two most experienced retirees, as well as being out best batsmen.

But like the Test side a couple seasons back when I first took over. There some talented players, so it just about getting the most out of those guys. Once those guys get more experience they should perform a lot better.

Mr Mxyzptlk

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Watt and Fuller come in for Scotland fixture

Dave Watt and Sean Fuller come into the side for the game against Scotland, replacing Tom Halsey and Liam Camps.

Cricket Web XI
JE Stedman
AP Chaulk
AP Cloete
CR Butler
RJ Dauth
SE Fuller
AJ Crampton (wk)
KR Clapham
DJ Watt
KJ Gough
NS Pickup (c)

12th Man: XPA Rose

DF Watts
NS Poonia
RM Haq
RR Watson
GM Hamilton (c)
NFI McCallum
CM Wright
CJO Smith (wk)
JAR Blain
PJC Hoffmann
JD Nel

12th Man: Random Scott

Mr Mxyzptlk

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Cricket Web XI finish tour with 43-run win
Cricket Web XI v Scotland - Clontarf Cricket Ground

Ball by Ball

Another disappointing showing with the ball stood out despite an easy victory for Cricket Web XI over Scotland. Kingsley Clapham was by far the best of the bowlers, taking 3 wickets and leading the charge in the defense of 295-5 by 43 runs.

Despite wet and overcast conditions, Neil Pickup was not hesitant in batting first. In turn the openers piled on 77 into the 14th over until an irresponsible slog accounted for Stedman on 39. Chaulk motored along far easier than he had all tour, and received great support from Chris Butler after Andrew Cloete was bowled for 24. Though he has been in superb form, Butler was not without luck, dropped on 4 by Hoffmann. And after passing his highest ODI score, Chaulk collapsed to a moment of madness short of a maiden international ton. The right-hander swung across the line at Hamilton and spooned a simple catch to Poonia at mid-on.

In his place Rob Dauth was not as assured, though he batted to the innings end with 33 unbeaten. While Dauth struggled to accelerate when needed, Butler did so clinically. A flat straight six off Nel was the highlight of a 32-run charge that lasted only 20 balls. In the over after the monumental stroke, Butler bent on one knee and swung offspinner Haq over midwicket to raise his half-century. And an entertaining knock of 65 was ended when Butler tried to repeat the shot, unsuccessfully, against the medium pace of Wright. Fuller was dropped on 2 and moved on with a couple of big blows in a cameo of 21.

Following on from the confident batting, Cricket Web XI started strongly with the new ball. Fast man Gough and medium pacer Clapham contrasted in speed, but both showed excellent control and well-directed aggression. The arrival of Watt to the attack continued the pressure, but it was Clapham who struck first. A sharp full ball swung in at Watts and crashed into middle stump. An over late he slanted one across Poonia and found a thin edge through to Crampton. And left-hander Haq faired little better when he received an outswinger of his own, nicking through to second slip.

The reputations of Gavin Hamilton and Ryan Watson were then further enhanced as the best batting talents in the team. The two gathered 85 runs between them for the fourth wicket. Pickup continued his recent struggle to consistently land his legbreaks, though he helped in the run out of Hamilton by running four feet with the ball to break the stumps. Watson continued to play well and got to 50 from 66 balls. McCallum swung over the top of a Watt delivery and was bowled for 13, allowing CW XI to take the proper advantage with five men back in the pavilion. Watt and Butler then operated well in tandem to squeeze the innings and carry the required run rate over 11.

The Scotland batsmen set themselves for a late charge though desperately behind in the chase. Wickets tumbled but there were some firm strikes amidst the chaos. Watson raised his hundred with a couple off Pickup and hammered the next ball over cover point for a boundary. He was finally out to a tired stroke in Fuller's next over, walking off to the acclaim of an appreciative crowd, out for 104. Scotland searched for 51 runs from the final 10 balls and CW XI victory became certain after Gough allowed only 4 runs from the 50th over.

Cricket Web XI 295-5 (50 overs)
AP Chaulk 92 (108), CR Butler 65 (63), JE Stedman 39 (44)
CM Wright 2-43 (7), PJC Hoffmann 2-48 (10)

Scotland 252-8 (50 overs)
RR Watson 104 (109), GM Hamilton 34 (40), CJO Smith 22 (18)
KR Clapham 3-26 (10), KJ Gough 2-46 (10)

Cricket Web XI won by 43 runs.
Man of the Match: KR Clapham


Hall of Fame Member
Nice way to finish off the tour. Good to see the Stedman/Chaulk combination coming together at this level. As well as the Gough/Clapham combination starting to take shape.


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
Minnow bashing ftw :) Very happy with that bowling effort, although a little disappointed my last 2 overs went for 11 runs.


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
Quite pleased with those stats, would've been nice to keep my economy rate down closer to 4 though.

Loony BoB

International Captain
Clapham, Butler and Crampton all did a great job. Just so rare that we see such overall poor figures when looking at those stats... got to hand it to the Isles, they made life difficult for most of our players.


International Debutant
Sucks that i couldnt go on with any of my innings

But on the other hand nice to be consistant


Cricketer Of The Year
Good stuff there Buts, likewise the crap brothers in Crapham and Crapton. A fairly underwhelming series from me...


International Debutant
Aren't bowlers strike rates done by balls bowled divided by wickets? Those figures can't be right at all given the wickets taken and overs bowled by the bowlers.

Loony BoB

International Captain
Maybe something to do with extras, not sure though.

EDIT: Never mind, don't think they bowled enough extras to make that much of a difference. :p

Mr Mxyzptlk

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Missed out a B in the Excel formula. Fixed now.

[B]Name		O	W	Runs	Average	4w	5w	   BB		Econ	SR[/B]
KR Clapham	49	10	231	23.10	0	0	3 for 26	4.71	29.40
KJ Gough	40	6	214	35.67	0	0	2 for 40	5.35	40.00
NS Pickup	44	6	239	39.83	0	0	3 for 45	5.43	44.00
CR Butler	20	3	130	43.33	0	0	1 for 16	6.50	40.00
LA Camps	25	3	175	58.33	0	0	1 for 44	7.00	50.00
TC Halsey	42	3	239	79.67	0	0	2 for 54	5.69	84.00
SE Fuller	7	1	35	35.00	0	0	1 for 35	5.00	42.00
DJ Watt		15	1	104	104.00	0	0	1 for 62	6.93	90.00
JE Stedman	4	0	22	-	0	0	0 for 22	5.50	-
AP Cloete	4	0	28	-	0	0	0 for 12	7.00	-