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Nominations for Players Association Rep!


Cricketer Of The Year
Ok guys, we are looking for nominations for a Players Association Rep....

Someone who you would like to represent you and your fellow players...

The rep will be responsible for raising all issues with the FA, as well as being a selector for the CW national side..

Make your nominations now..

Nominations so far:



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Loony BoB

International Captain
Really kind of difficult to say this early in the season - it hasn't even started yet! Don't know who will be active or to what level they'll get involved etc... would rather hold off for now.

However, if not, then any of the following names spring to mind: Rai, Vimes, Thomas, Hoy, Majin, Pickup, Kennett, Crampton, McNamara, Demeza, Young... I could go on for some time, actually, lots of players capable of doing a good job.


Hall of Fame Member
Majin said:
Sean Bennett, man of the people.
Might be a bit hard for me to do this, seeing as I'm on the board...

I appreciate the sentiment though, ***y. ;)