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Next Star


Cricket Spectator
Who are your picks for the next "star" to hit the international cricket scene. Try and keep it to players who havn't played international cricket yet, or who have played less than 5 games.

- Kevin Pieterson

- Jamie How - (NZ)


International Regular
Riki Wessels (son of Kepler) although not sure who he would play for as he was born in Aus but plays county cricket in England.


International Regular
Alastair cook is very highly rated, when tres goes, he may well replace him in the test team.


Cricket Spectator
In the slightly longer term, people are speaking about Moises Henriques as a massive prospect for Australia.

Pedro Delgado

International Debutant
luckyeddie said:
No, he'll be the next star to hit the square-leg umpire whilst aiming for the batsman
I'm all for bowlers trying to bounce runners, far far too often they're allowed to get into a comfort-zone out there.
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Scaly piscine

Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
James Hildreth, he's bound to get a chance for England fairly early in his career playing at Somerset (great batting wicket makes those averages look good) and also being a southern ponce helps getting in the England team as well (notice how England's pace bowling is so strong - because 3 of them are northerners and the other is Welsh - then you look at the openers and Bell).

Edit: and Giles of course, reversing onto the stumps the big girl's blouse.
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International Regular
kenny44 said:
Non-suspect bowling action? ;)
Yeh hes kinda got a unique bowling action. The way he bowls makes it a little hard for him to chuck as he has a low point of delievery. definantly will be a force when old faithful Mcgrath retires.