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Name sports you cannot bear to watch


Hall of Fame Member
Formula 1 sucks arse, but I do have a fair bit of time for two-wheeled motorsport & speedway in particular.
Agreed, except speedway's gay and I wouldn't really call any motorsport a "sport" as such, but we've been over that and I don't want to go there again.

Can't stand most american sports and association football can be quite insufferable at times.

I struggle to watch any Rugby League as well.
You are not northern. Bugger off down south.


Agreed, except speedway's gay
Can't see how you'd call any activity performed by men in skintight leathers with throbbing machines between their legs gay. :huh:

Seriously tho, it's an extremely heterosexual sport. Going round a hairpin bend at 70mph with no brakes requires balls of steel.


Norwood's on Fire
To offer a serious answer to the question, I dislike equestrian and all that bollocks. Other than that, I don't think there's any sports I seriously detest but I generally don't bother looking out for anything other than Footy & Cricket. Quite like a bit of F1 from time to time, and don't mind watching either Rugby code (though the Grammar school boy in me prefers Union tbh). Tennis I can put up with, and once watched a game of badminton and enjoyed it.

Oh and I like watching Athletics, would rank it third actually.

tried to watch a bit of AFL once but it turned out I didn't have the channel :laugh:

Magrat Garlick

Global Moderator
Formula 1 sucks arse, but I do have a fair bit of time for two-wheeled motorsport & speedway in particular.
Agreed with this.

Another sport I can't really watch is beach volleyball. Porn exists for a reason; judged as a sport it's serve into net or serve, return into net.

Jungle Jumbo

International Vice-Captain
Agreed, it's pretty much the most boring thing ever. Who the hell wants to see a car go around in circles for a whole day!?
Especially with oval circuits. Why would anyone design a track that took no skill whatsoever to drive around?