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Lar Lid or Lad?

Which one?

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Norwood's on Fire
I say both 'lar' and 'lad' as part of my natural vocab, but say lid all the time jestfully. So voting for the other option.


International Captain
I reckon the only acceptable word out of the three is Lad. Lar is just eliminating the use of the D in lad, and lid is replacing the A for an I. Lad was obviously where all of the words dervive from. I use lad naturally in life. I'm voting for Lar


International Coach
Never heard lid before, NFI what the hell it means. Scouse bloke at work uses lad far too much, almost as much as I use man in the same vein. Conversations between use are epically insightful

'Alright lad?'
'Aye, you alright man?'
'aye, sound'

The hours just fly by. Hence why I'm voting Darth Vader.


As a denizen of the fens I usually use our preferred regional alternative of "boy" (hence the username, as it goes), which should, correctly, be pronounced "buh".

& "lid" is rhyming slang: bin lid = kid.


I say Lad fairly often, but whenever I speak to Richard I address him as Sir, so will vote that for the purposes of this thread.


International Coach
Lad only used with a derogatory remark after by me tbh.

eg, you'd say 'That man is a legend', but it'd be 'That lad is a total ****'


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
Should build a wall just north of Chester, keep you lot talking gibberish up there away from the rest of us.


International Coach
Be happy for a wall just north of Chester, keep them manky ****s away from us, build it to the east as well and can block Wales in too