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Knockout Stages


International Vice-Captain
Ok England - play your best,and to your strengths....make my last few hours on English soil something to remember for a long time.....:)


Hall of Fame Member
Congratulations South Africa. Deserved winners, played very well through out the tournament, never looked like losing a match.

Still very proud of the English effort though, World Cup runner-up is no mean achievement, and allthough it could've been very different if cetain things had gone England's way, that's what happens in rugby, and sport, and you don't win World Cups on ifs and buts, you win them in reality.

And BTW, what was the point in Montgomery for the last half an hour or so? He was just sorta standing there at the back doing little.
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International Vice-Captain
Yeah,congratulations SA....

..and well done to England,played their hearts out...makes you proud,tbh...:)


International Debutant
Well done South Africa a well deserved tournament win.

South Africa were able to take Englands strenghs away from them negated the scrum, dominated the line out and tactical kicking although England tried to vary their game just not good enough in the end. And even when the the South African half backs didn't perform (probably their poorest game of the tournament) their pack was able to compensate.


International Vice-Captain
Well done South Africa really could of gone anyway.A was a really tough decision for the video ref to make over the try decision i personaly thought it was just a try,but would of been harsh on SA if it was given. England must be disappointed but overall a great WC for them again. Sad to see Robinson's career finish the way it did though.


Cricketer Of The Year
Well done to the Sprinboks, clearly the better side and they deserved the victory. Considering there were no tries in the match it wasn't too bad. Cueto got close though the try was correctly disallowed and SA had a series of close attempts at the end of the first half. Jake White said that the World Cup would be won on defence and it proved correct. Fair play to South Africa, and bring on 2011!