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Jacques Kallis vs Imran Khan

Better cricketer ?

  • Kallis

    Votes: 11 31.4%
  • Imran

    Votes: 24 68.6%

  • Total voters


International Vice-Captain
Then you agree with most posters. Whereas Kallis will be outside most top 15 of batsmen if not top 20. So there is a difference there.
Most side generally have 6 batsmen and 3 quick bowlers. Top 20 in batting is equivalent to top 10 in fast bowling. I don't see much to separate them in primary skill. Imran better in secondary skill, hence I am voting him.

Victor Ian

Cricketer Of The Year
Is Imran good enough in his secondary skill to surpass Kallis' secondary and tertiary skill? That slips presence of Kallis is a big deal.

Victor Ian

Cricketer Of The Year
I really think Imran is pretty easily in top 5. Forget his last few years. Before that he had a sustained peak like Murali.


Cricketer Of The Year
Then you agree with most posters. Whereas Kallis will be outside most top 15 of batsmen if not top 20. So there is a difference there.
You have to consider that there will be two top order bats per one fast bowler. So top 10 bowlers in equivalent to top 20 batsmen.

Patience and Accuracy+Gut

School Boy/Girl Captain
Marshall, McGrath, Ambrose, Lillee, Warne, Murali, Wasim, Trueman, Steyn, Donald, Hadlee, Garner etc.

This isn’t necessarily my own view but I have seen plenty of posters on here rate players above over imran in such discussions.
Lot of posters including myself would have Syd Barnes and O’Reilly over Imran.


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I'm actually surprised to see Kallis has even 5 votes out of the 20 cast to date. This shouldn't be even close. Imran comfortably....


Whatever it takes!!!
Its not laughable at all when you consider that when Imran had his shin injury he played as a pure batsman for a year for Pakistan in the mid-80s, doing well against Lillee in Australia and top scoring in the 83 World Cup. He was certainly good enough to play in the top six
I am sure 1 year of international cricket in that era was enough evidence he was a better batsman than the top 6 of every other team.