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International Cricket Captain General Thread of Miscellany


I can't believe I ate the whole thing
The new thread for sharing interesting things that have happened in your games of ICC.
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Back in the day, got myself ICC. Thanks to you offcourse.

First game i played Ganguly scorred a massive ton and i stopped playing there after.
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Get rid of your piece of **** Mac then :p

Brendan McCullum just retired in my game, Ryder is now the last of the non-regen internationals. Oh and Taylor, except he hasn't been much chop in this game so he sits on the reserve bench. Good in my other one though.


Bring back Phlegm's half assed story!
I did, but no one ever read it so I stopped updating. :p

Actualy going quite well atm. Won 5 out of 5 test series last season (Zimbabwe, SA, SL, SA again, Bangladesh (who are quite good now)). Now have England, Aussie and Pakistan this season.

I also finally have a settled, good eleven. Oh and Peter "The man" Fulton retired.


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I've decided to go back and play ICC2005. I love how batsmen can sometimes discover Bradmanesque form. It happened for me with Mark Butcher in a Surrey game I played a few years back, and now this...



Playing ICC 2009, got round to the final test of the Ashes, series level at 1-1, after Jonathan Trott had failed miserably, I decided I would test out how Mark Ramprakash would fare....he scored 5 and 0. Hoping this is not an omen :ph34r:


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Needless to say I cherished this victory, especially after losing the first test. Now the small matter of winning the last test for the series win...
*mental note* - play fulton instead of taylor


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The other guys posted Phil Hughes after 60 odd tests....heres him after 170...

Absolutely stupidly ridiculously godly. That 580 took like 3 days, but I did just to see if they would actually get him, because the amount of times I've declared with him in the 300's and 400's is stupid....and I play him on 4-bar aggresive from the off in tests and 6-bar in ODI...it't just stupid. No one else even gets close to scoring 300's, yet he does it for fun...i think the highest non-Hughes score is 264....I know I've gone past 400 4 times with Hughes.

Wade is also stupidly good, I went straight in with him as the WK, so he has about 160 tests as well, averages 55 & 40. Rest of the team isn't all that great though to be honest -_-


I can't believe I ate the whole thing
Haha, that's ridiculously good! What a behemoth! And he's 34 with more to come. 200 tests on the cards, then?