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Indian Discussion

This Indian team winning 2011 World Cup

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Eyes not spreadsheets
Eden Gardens getting the final after not being ready for a group stage match is rewarding horrible organising.
Yeah, although at the time of awarding the final they weren't aware it wouldn't be ready.

Would've been interesting to have to move the final at short notice though.


International Debutant
I get the emotional value of the BCCI wanting the final to be in Mumbai since it's Sachin's home ground and it makes sense from that perspective,but this is India's world cup,and logically,the best ground in the country should host the biggest match in the world.

The fact that Eden Gardens wasn't ready when the WC started makes my argument pointless,but the venue of the final was decided even before Eden Gardens was declared not ready.Shifting the venue now would be idiotic,but i think Eden Gardens should have hosted the final when the schedule was being drafted.Makes more sense when you look at the event,the ground,the tourists etc.

The emotional value of Sachin playing his last WC game at his homeground and winning the title for India is priceless however.