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India Squad Discussion


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We have the best odi batsmen ever and kohli. Raina isn't half bad either. Not one of the weaker lineups in the comp by any stretch. Obviously not the force it was earlier in the decade though, guys like Sachin, Yuvraj, Sehwag and Gambhir turning **** has been a massive blow.
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It's 50-50. Some complain about how India's World Cup winner has been dropped, and then some others say his fitness and form are poor.

Anyway, form is on the side of Karthik-Dhawan-Kohli-Dhoni-Raina-Sharma. They don't even need to play Vijay and Irfan in the main matches if they're not confident. The bowling will rotate between Umesh, Ishant, Vinay and Bhuvi for three seamers and ideally, spin twins are Ashwin and Mishra.

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I don't mind the decision to drop Yuvraj when you look at it in isolation but some of the replacements hardly inspire confidence.


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Think this might be the line up to start:

Dhoni (c) (wk)

Scaly piscine

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Regarding The Oval it might interest a few people to note that Durham - with one of the strongest if not the strongest seam attacks in County Cricket - have a 19yo debutant off-spinner playing who's into his 29th over. First day of the 4 day game.


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Yadav's selection is not a good sign for other youngsters because he is just there because he bowls a few yards quicker compared to others, Praveen Kumar should have been there in his place.

And I wonder why people are considering Jadeja a direct choice for the playing XI, we will be playing only one spinner because the conditions won't be very useful for spin bowling, so either Mishra or Ashwin should be preferred. In case we choose to go with two spinners, we can pick both Mishra and Aswhin and both can bat and are way better bowlers.

Irfan has just came back from an injury, he had done pretty well before that and in English conditions he will be even more useful, he can bat at no 7 with Ashwin at 8, Bhuvaneshwar at 9 allowing India to go with 5 bowlers and provide a bit more flexibility.

The main issue will be death bowling,

Bhuvaneshwar has improved his death bowling and is much better compared to others, Ishant can also bowl at the death(even though he was thrashed the other day), but its a bit scary that no one apart from these two look good enough for that job.

Irfan can bowl anywhere except the last 5-6 overs, same goes for Mishra and Ashwin, and Yadav is pretty wayward and lacks the control required for ODIs, Vinay is a regular wicket taker, but his economy rate is never down.

It will be interesting to see who makes the cut for the playing XI.
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Dhoni should bat at four. He is the best ODI batsman in the side, definitely. Six is too low. He has to bat out the bulk of the 50 overs. Raina and Rohit can do the finishing act instead. Dinesh Karthik and Dhawan can open- while Dhawan plays out a long innings, Karthik can go ballistic and smash more than a few.

All Indian bowlers struggle on flat decks, and neither of Yadav and Praveen are an exception. India's pace attack has always struggled due to lack of pace, and the message has to be sent out so that we have more pace bowlers in contention for the India cap. Look at Ishwar Pandey- gobbled up over fifty wickets in Indian domestic FC games- but Chris Gayle gobbled him up in two overs and he never played in the IPL again.

Jadeja's a part-timer extended to ten overs a game. I doubt if he'll get a wicket a game, let alone more wickets than either Mish/Ash.

Irfan should not play. He's not getting enough wickets or runs. At best, he should play himself into form in the practice games. Bhuvi's batting has been very poor, and that's a matter of concern. He's not a celebrated all-rounder, but he's not that poor.

They need to balance out that economy problem of Vinay with the much tighter economy of Bhuvi and Ashwin. But all economies will go for a toss on a flat deck, so it's a matter of who gets the top five out within thirty overs.


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In the form guide, Raina, Kohli, Rohit, Dhoni, and to a lesser extent, Karthik and Dhawan, are in good form. Mishra, supposedly irrelevant in the event, is the highest wicket-taker. He should play. Vinay Kumar has been chipping plenty of wickets on the flat decks despite the high economy. Bhuv Kumar's bowling has been tight, but not chippy, and his batting has been hideously poor. India needs him to score runs and take wickets, so that the irrelevant Jadeja can be shunted out. Ashwin has also been tight with the ball but poor with the bat.

But the poor form of Umesh and Ishant is worrisome- how fortunes flip on flat decks. Wickets have dried up, and runs have started leaking. Both need to start chipping wickets regularly to make a difference. They have the pace and bounce, but they need to start taking wickets. Economy can be handled by Bhuv-Ash-Mish.


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how many expensive overs will be wondered about? how many no balls? what about dropped catches? you know the ones where you wonder how a professional sportsman could drop it?


Virat Kohli (c)
We've had blatant cheating in a test match buddy. Everyone is "seen it all" about match/spot fixing. Some punks doing it in the IPL won't change anyone's view.


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You are more like margarine tbh. Would rather not spread you at all but sometimes its necessary when butter is not easily available.