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Inclusivity draft


International Regular
If they played in 1900, are they eligible for 1880-1900 or 1900-1920?
I could be smart here and point out that no-one played Tests in 1900, but that's a fair point...

Correction to the original post: the eras for the "Age" criterion are: 1880-1899; 1900-1919; 1920-1939; 1940-1959; 1960-1979; 1980-1999; 2000-2019.


International Regular
Round 1:
Michaelf7777777: Garfield Sobers
ataraxia: Malcolm Marshall
trundler: Elyse Perry
Line and Length: Jacques Kallis
SillyCowCorner1: Stafanie Taylor
JOJOXI: Imran Khan
AndrewB: Wilfred Rhodes
Himannv: Richard Hadlee
Fuller Pilch: Betty Wilson
Teuton: Curtly Ambrose
Pothas: Wasim Akram

Round 2:
Pothas: Sydney Barnes
Teuton: Jack Hobbs
Fuller Pilch: WG Grace
Line and Length
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