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Group B - Pakistan, England, Netherlands


Global Moderator
Now include Pakistan in Group F
unfortunately for many, we've reach super 8's
feel sad for those who really wanted us out of the tournament
Haha, can't take that stuff personally mate.

Good stuff from Pakistan. Expected to wake up and see a rather close contest and Pakistan out of the tourney. Now if our batsmen can keep posting up totals like that our bowlers might just have a chance.


State 12th Man
great win by pak i didnt expect it to be honest ,i had even mentaly prepered myself to support srilanka all the way but now a different story


School Boy/Girl Captain
Haha, can't take that stuff personally mate.

Good stuff from Pakistan. Expected to wake up and see a rather close contest and Pakistan out of the tourney. Now if our batsmen can keep posting up totals like that our bowlers might just have a chance.
Me, too. My heart was racing when I woke up and checked CricInfo. It stopped as the page loaded and then I read they won easy. What an anti-climax. :laugh:

Here's the highlights of the match, if anyone is interested.


Thanks to the guys at PakPassion.


First Class Debutant
i just knew one thing, if the target was near 140 then spinners could come into it
they did both really bowl
8 overs between 2, gave 30 Runs & 7 wickets, it was good match for even Kamran Akmal, i always like his batting, but keeping is a concern, but yesterday he did a good job, i hope he scores some quick runs in coming matches & more importantly, doesn't miss catches, stump chances & doesn't miss the ball to give extra runs, same applies with the other fielders, they need to play at their potential, then no wonder why they can't reach the semi's


Hall of Fame Member
Every word spoken by Beleg in this thread is true. But again he is the one riding the high horse.

Let's all be naive and pretend that one win over Netherlands is going to negate all the hard work done by Ijaz butt, Naseem Ashraf, Shaharyar khan and Tauqir Zia.


First Class Debutant
Pakistan through to the next round, England are through, so i'm saying byebye to this Thread
i guess now lets concentrate on Group E & F


Cricket Spectator
i think every1 is forgetting that pakistan have been STARVED of international cricket this past year. they were very rusty in the warm up matches,and can u say pakistan would of lost to england if their players compteted in the ipl?

fantastic display against a good holland team. one bowler who i thought should have more credit was sohail tanvir. he restricted his powerplay overs to 4 per over, which forced the batters to go more aggresive against afridi and ajmal.

england have got such a hard group. i hope they just play positive and attack south africa, west indies and india from the start. they arent expected to win but they have a great 20/20 team


First Class Debutant
You're saying if Pakistani players were playing in IPL, Pakistan would not 've lost to england. But i'm still feeling shame that we lost to England, they played better but we were poor, bad fielding & poor batting, if we play England again, i'll still put my money on Pakistan


International Regular
Well, that was fun.

Fairly good bowling and fielding performance from the Dutch, but the batting fell apart. Kervezee and Zuiderent got bogged down against Sohail Tanvir (fantastic bowler, must be impossible to make sense of for the first few balls with that wrong-footed action), and were then dismissed by the spinners. Shahid Afridi was wonderful with the ball. Pakistan's fielding was still dire though, dropping the first two catches to come their way. Salman Butt got some stick from our section of the stand when he had to field in front of us.

The dead rubber between NZ and SA was a fairly flat game for most parts, although there was some fantastic fielding on show from NZ mainly (Guptill's direct hit from 40 yards, McCullum with a few brilliant stops to save fours) but also from SA (Kallis' c&b was unbelievable to see live. One moment he was nowhere near the ball, the next it was safely in his hand one inch from the turf). In he end SA won by one run so the last over was good.

The BBC highlights program presenter did his introduction from the row of seats in front of me, surrounded by some Dutch girls' team, that was fun too.

Managed to get one of the last tube trains to my Heathrow hotel before the strike kicked in, and thus ended my pilgrimage


First Class Debutant
The worst thing would be for Salman butt is that he understands English lol
but he's used too with it, i remember him coming to my city when we had Pak XI vs Skt Stallions, people were shouting at him & he just didn't care