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Group B - Ireland, Scotland, West Indies, Zimbabwe


Cricketer Of The Year
France are the best. It is close between NZ, South Africa, and England for 3rd best. The All Blacks have had a terrible year.
Ohh. I don't have much idea about Rugby. Just knew that NZ are a good team but not up to date on current rankings.

Here in Japan, a lot of guys play rugby too. Just saw that they are ranked a lowly tenth.


Cricketer Of The Year
For Zimbabwe to win, they badly need Sean Williams to come good. He has been their best batter for several years but been in wretched form off late with both bat and ball.


International Vice-Captain
Well done to Ireland.

It is sad to see... it was the format the WI still excelled in, to get not out in this way does not look good for the future of WI cricket at all.
We have done a full role reversal. Competitive in test cricket, associate level at white ball cricket.

I genuinely think Ireland and Scotland are better than us in Australian conditions. Our only way of playing is to smack sixes and Aussie grounds don't allow that sort of approach to succeed.

Phil has done a decent job in tests but our white ball cricket has not come on at all under him. We need to split the coaching roles and bring in expertise from outside of the Caribbean, because we don't currently have a clue.

Congrats to Ireland, I hope they go well in the full tournament.


International Captain
Muzarabani has a pretty impressive skillset. Hitting 140 consistently here and gets steep bounce.


School Boy/Girl Cricketer
Congrats to Ireland for their all-around dedicated performance.
No surprises there from 'Waste' Indies. The players and staff will be getting their paycheck and that's what matters to them. The only win they can think of picking up is an award for - "Longest running **** show in any sport" ( have been turning the corner since 2000, 22 years and counting).
Zimbabwe has been playing with great heart and passion. ( Not to say, that Scotland hasn't been). Hopefully, they will qualify.


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That's out, surely. Zimbabwe have been great in the field.

EDIT: Or not. :laugh:


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Not even surprised that we didn’t make it to the next round. Our team is not a team…no cohesion. No integrity.

Headless chickens running around.