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Group B - Ireland, Scotland, West Indies, Zimbabwe

Everton Seymour

U19 Debutant
Now this is how you utilise a powerplay! No playing yourself in , no overcomplicating a self explanatory format , just have a go ! . A "Stirling" performance so far .


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It's ironic Windies strongest format right now is tests a big shift to where they were 5 - 7 years back
I wonder if it's something to do with this being the first generation of players that came up with T20 cricket

Back when WI were a force in T20 cricket it was players like Gayle, Samuels, Bravo, Pollard etc. who were already established international cricketers when T20Is came along (or when they became prominent a bit later).

Like maybe being forged by international cricket and adjusting it to, and then specialising in, T20Is is better than being forged by CPL/IPL and then adjusting to international cricket


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Everything has definitely gone Ireland's way. A lot of skied balls and thick edges falling into gaps and over fielders