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Group B - Ireland, Scotland, West Indies, Zimbabwe


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Surely Jongwe can’t do this. Would be incredible

Getting it this close keeps the WI NRR pretty average though


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**** he’s quality Joseph

went the completely wrong MO to him early though, and it cost them the game. Great spell


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Big moment for Alzarri Joseph as he gets his MOTM award presented by *checks notes*

Mark Howard


International Coach
Alzarri has had a real resurgence last season or so looked to be heading darren Powell, Reon King way after first couple of seasons now looks a tasty talent who should find suceess in all formats


International Regular
Well it wasn’t to be, but still a shot of qualifying if they beat Scotland and there’s no reason they can’t.

Sadly I leave Hobart tomorrow.

Cricinfo say if Friday is washed out Zim and Scotland go through.


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Current standings would have the Bravehearts and the Zimbos going through.

This has been a great group to watch so far.