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Group 1 (Afghanistan, Australia, England, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, Ireland)


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Cheers. ****ing bizarre that the actual tournament website just put "TBC" vs "TBC" rather than saying Group 1 winner vs Group 2 runner-up or the like.
I can’t help but think much of this tourney organisation has been pretty shambolic, but I wonder how much of that has been influenced by my watching it through the awful quality of the broadcast.


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England looking in all likelihood to get through now. It just highlights the farcical situation in this world cup whereby a team can lose to a minnow and still be allowed to progress to the final stages, when doing so should see you banned from competing in the rest of the tournament.

The ICC have egg on their faces.
Well you shouldn't have got smashed by NZ should you....you muppet


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It's all very zzzzz...
Hales and Stokes are very privileged, wealthy young sportsmen with probable access to the best lawyers and legal advisors in the country. Did anyone really expect them to be convicted and serve jail time?
you're right the UK legal system is terribly corrupt