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Group 1 (Afghanistan, Australia, England, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, Ireland)


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
Well, we've only played in patches in this Tournament so far, you could take that as just not good enough. or that we've yet to peak. Good to see Rashid back in form, but think stokes should have got MOTM, we weren't really guaranteed this win with Brook and Livingstone continuing their poor form.


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
It's all very zzzzz...
Hales and Stokes are very privileged, wealthy young sportsmen with probable access to the best lawyers and attorneys in the country. Did anyone really expect them to be convicted and serve jail time?
Footballers have been. I'd think some of those footballers are at least wealthier.

Prince EWS

Global Moderator
Feels like he's been very fortunate to have such a long BBL career, failure all too common place for him it seems, or am I being harsh?
He's a mercurial red ball bat and ad a gun 50 over bat.

You're right about his T20 career but he was probably always at or above replacement value as a squad member. Lots of **** ****s in the BBL, I can see why teams thought having someone averaging 23 @ 125 was worth having around.


International 12th Man
Not in tests and we choked in a recent ODI series between the 2 sides.
probably need a good current series in both sides of the tasman on the tests. im sure on current form it'll be a good one - nz have some good bowlers.

anyway australia are out and i called it correctly actually - the elimination of aus at the group stage, so no issues with the call this time. The first match v NZ was diabolical, one of the worst defeats in t20 world cup history(for major nations).


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Don't take halba seriously/literally.

I'm not really sure why we still let him post here.
(says the mod)
Let anyone post whatever they want, no banning IMO

Unless someone reports a post, then ban them (the person that reported the post that is)