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Grand Slam Draft Tournament


Whatever it takes!!!
Congrats AndrewB. Mainly for some wonderful drafting. Slightly for the fact that I can now tell I would have won or at least made the later rounds if I was not drawn against you in the first round. :p


Yeah, fair play to Bandy and hardlines to Noofs. Would've been nice to say the champion knocked me out, but it wasn't to be.

Thanks to Jimmy for a well run draft and the original idea. Been a lot of fun. :)


International Regular
Sweet, thats totally fair.

I do agree my 8-11 is very weak. I would just have to have faith that ABs tail wouldnt perform. Just being completely honest here, I dont think I have a good enough bowling unit to skittle thru opposition so id have to back my top 7 to score good runs. ABs quicks are more likely to dominate against weaker batters/tail.

I personally rate my top 7 more but yeah they are going to have to face better bowlers.

Perhaps my team would perform better overs 40-80 when the shine has gone off the new ball?

If you can imagine Chandra and Underwood bowling unchanged all session it starts getting interesting, but id select Amdrew's team if I was voting.

I lost it when I allowed his 3 quicks in consecutive picks.
Yeah, I spotted there weren't many top pace bowlers available so grabbed them while I could.

Thanks to jimmy101 for the draft, and to honestbharani, milenko47, Marcuss and NUFAN for 4 very close match-ups.


Cricketer Of The Year
Thanks everyone. I'm glad to hear you had some fun with the concept. Might be fun to bring this back to life a few months down the track.