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Grand Slam Draft Tournament


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Aaaand... I'm thinking of ditching the virtual coin toss idea, seems a bit boring. Instead maybe I'll think of a number between 0 - 100, y'all take guesses, & the person closest to the number between you & your opponent will have "won the toss". That way it's transparent & people are to an extent in more control of the outcome.


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Just have yourself decide who wins the 'toss' imo, using a rng if you want. It sounded fair

Ftr I was interested in this because it'd be quick 1v1 drafts with unique rules each time. But now people are talking about having to keep track of players across multiple groups and rounds and that just sounds like a mess and it'd be a pain for me to follow. Completely changes the thing, I think.


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Ok I agree with you guys. Let's just keep the rules how they were because I am also interested in the 1 v 1 format. We'll give a little while longer to see if we can get one or two more players, if not, someone might just get a bye in the first round.


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Alrighty then, I think we may as well kick things off here. To make up the numbers I will also participate. And so with random seeding, the tournament bracket looks like this.

The following lucky souls have won the toss, you may choose to pick first, or choose the draft parameters. Once the winner of the toss has made their choice, those who lost the toss may either make their first pick (if their opponent chose to set the draft parameters), or set the draft parameters if obliged to do so. Only when the parameters of the draft have been set can the battle begin.

Ankitj - H
Howe_zat - H
Magrat Garlick - T
morgieb - H
Milenko47 - H
AndrewB - H


To clarify:

- Each 1 v 1 battle will commence once the person who has person who has rights to the opening pick makes their first selection, from that point on the draft clock is active.

- 12 hour time limits apply to to each individual battle, per turn.

- One selection per turn.

- If you are required to do so, please ensure the draft parameters you set will ensure both parties are able to select a full, conventional XI.

- No Bradman!

- Voting will commence at the end of the round once all teams have been selected.

Good luck everyone. If there is anything that is unclear at this point please bring it up. Let the games begin :)


International Coach
So if I make a pick then Tueton sets parameter do I get to keep my 1st pick even if it doesn't meet parameters?
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Y no Afghanistan flag
Oh boy Howe is likely to make it so we have to pick a team full of cheese named cricketers. Tbf I wouldnt give edam.


Cricketer Of The Year
So if I make a pick then Tueton sets parameter do I get to keep my 1st pick even if it doesn't mey meet parameters?
Nah bro, as I said in the post above, only when the parameters of the draft have been set can the battle begin. So you need to decide to either choose to pick first (in which case Teuton will be obliged to choose the parameters), or choose to set the parameters yourself. Any picks made by anyone before their respective parameters have been set will be considered invalid.


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Parameters for Howe v NUFAN: Cricketers who have played in the county championship for Yorkshire CCC

NUFAN to select first


Y no Afghanistan flag
Id be happy to play you an exhibition match or actually hopefully someone late enters as a wildcard

Tim Bresnan XI

If there is one thing I know about Sachi baby is that he is flexible where he bats.
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International Vice-Captain
Ankitj vs Teuton:
Cricketers named William
Must have a first, middle or last name of, containing, or a direct translation of 'William'.


Y no Afghanistan flag
Hmm rules say 1 pick per turn. Is that unfair?

To clarify is going pick by pick unfair.
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Yeah, only one pick per turn. Howe might have seen Bresnan's name & gotten confused. He'll have to decide who he wants to keep.