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Grade Cricket Season XIV


Norwood's on Fire
Ah hit some runs, why didn't I get a bowl? Clearly my stronger suit in the long-form.

Magrat Garlick

Global Moderator
Play-off day one

Elimination semi-final 1
Stedingham Jets vs Gofftown Tigers @ Jets Arena
Ball By Ball
Stedingham: +Mamesh, Butler, Gonzalez, Reddlapalli, Bennett, Cameron, Bochat
Gofftown: Mohanan, Cribb, Malone, Dwyer, Dinnen, Thomas

Stedingham Jets 280 all out (83.5)
Butler 79, Mamesh 63; Malone 4/60, Cribb 3/56

Gofftown Tigers 237 all out (62.1)
Dinnen 72, Jamaluddin (A) 49; Reddlapalli 4/56, Cameron 3/80, Bennett 2/32

Stedingham Jets 150 all out (53.5)
Cameron 28; Cribb 4/31, Thomas 3/27

Gofftown Tigers 188 all out (48.2)
Cribb 55, Masterman (A) 49; Bochat 4/88, Cameron 3/47, Bennett 2/25

Stedingham Jets won by five runs
Man of the Match: R. G. E. W. S. Cribb (Gofftown)

Elimination semi-final 2
Edfield Seahawks vs Garven Island Sharks @ CWBCC Stadium
Ball By Ball
Edfield: Mørk, Towns, +Fjermestad, Rai, Nayak, Raftery, Borcich, Clapham
Garven Island: Garven, Burridge, Cunningham, Richards, Rose, Quinn

Garven Island Sharks 367 all out (73.2)
Garven 118, Cunningham 88; Clapham 5/103, Raftery 3/102

Edfield Seahawks 396 all out (93.2)
Fjermestad 99, Raftery 83, Mørk 76, Clapham 46; Richards 3/55, Rose 3/103

Garven Island Sharks 331 for five declared (68)
Burridge 168, Garven 47; Raftery 3/85

Edfield Seahawks 298 for five (72)
Mørk 105, Fjermestad 53; Quinn 4/77

Match drawn; Edfield Seahawks qualify by decision
Man of the Match: M. C. Burridge (Garven Island)

Tomorrow - all players available:
Final qualifier: Pickford Panthers vs Nixonstown Foxes @ Pickford Reserve
Elimination final: Stedingham Jets vs Edfield Seahawks @ Jets Arena


International Debutant
Fairly certain I should be opening instead of Towns Hak, he's been playing as a #3 for us all season in the longer format.

Also good to see Edfield through even if we couldn't quite finish it off


International 12th Man
ALL players available. If I missed you I sincerely apologise.

Final Qualifier
Pickford Panthers vs Nixonstown Foxes @ Pickford Reserve.

Pickford 566 for eight declared (120)
de Silva 189, Wilson 180, West 3/130

Nixonstown 421 for ten (92.1)
Gray 144, Gray(Flanaghan??) 144. Good work ITC, just **** up majorly. Check the scorecard, I've no idea what's going on there. Davis 4/83

Nixonstown (following on) 184 for ten (39)
Heads 84, Pickup 8/48

Pickford 43/3 (10.2)
Wilson 21, Shah 2/25

Pickford Panthers win by seven wickets.
Man of the Match: MW de Silva

Elimination Final
Stedingham Jets vs Edfield Seahawks @ Jets Arena

Edfield 443 for ten (108.4)
Towns 141, Rai 62, Nayak 60, Bochat 4/107

Stedingham 183 for ten (59.1)
Bennett 75*, Reddlapalli 59, Borcich 4/32, Raftery 4/43

Stedingham (Following On) 462 for ten (112.1)

Gonzalez 132, Butler 90, Clapham 3/79

Edfield 103 for four (28.0)

Mørk 30, James/Nayak 20*, Reddlapalli 2/33

Match Drawn. Decision Pending


Magrat Garlick

Global Moderator
ITC occasionally has some problems with printing scorecards. The ball-by-ball has the correct one, I think.

Also: Edfield (projected second-innings runs: 271, target to win: 203) beat Stedingham by decision.


Hall of Fame Member
Gough in some fearsome form with the bat and ball. Great player.
Cheers, appreciate it. Enjoying scoring some runs.

Campione! Campione! Ole ole ole!

Good stuff from Pickford. Wilson and Konig the stars of the season for us, I reckon.

Hope we can continue the form in the finals.
What a difference a season makes. Pickford have gone from terrible to champions. Fantastic performenace by Baby Black and guests :ph34r:

EDIT- Despite not following closely and not posting often, it is cool to have Grade back and check in on.
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U19 Vice-Captain
I am God. Well, not really, but still a pretty awesome performance. Is there any individual stats for grade? My FC batting must be pretty respectful.


International 12th Man
Introducing, in the Foxes corner, Manan Shah! In the Seahawks corner, Towns, Fjermestad, Rai, Raftery, Borcich, Clapham. Manuel Ramprakash Trophy taking away all the Foxes players. This promises to be an exciting match!

The Semi Final Thing brought to you by extreme boredom and Weet-Bix.

The Toss was won by an exuberant Edfield Captain and they chose to bat first, because, well, that's what you do.

Edfield Seahawks First Innings All-out for 187 (50.1)
Fjermestad 71, Teisierre 4/39

With six times the amount of talent available at Edfields greasy fingers, you'd have thought they'd have performed better than this. Fjermestad proving that runs were there to be made, however the rest of Edfield apparently wanted to watch him do all the work. To be fair all the Foxes bowlers chipped in to restrict the Seahawks. Now we have the test, can the Foxes withstand the mighty bowling attack about to be hurled at them? Stay Tuned.

Ok, that was uncomfortable.

Nixonstown Foxes First Innings All-out for 197 (62.0)
Grierson 50, Clapham 5/59

It looked promising for a while, if you'll check the scorecard later, but ultimately, the Foxes collapsed. Certainly they could've pushed on for a larger lead, but they just couldn't bat. Plain and simple.Clapham destroyed the tail, and from then on it was Edfields second innings, which we will now look at.

Edfield Seahawks Second Innings All-out for 305 (79.2)
Rai 102, Raftery 83, Flanaghan 5/74

This was better. Fjermestad still wanted to hit the cover off the ball, but when he fell for a quickfire 46, Rai and Raftery obviously decided they'd actually play the ball on it's merits. Who knew, it worked. Raftery also looked particularly focused as the chant "Raferty" was, well, chanted by 17 drunk members of the crowd. In the end they set up a rather decent total and a chase of 296.

Nixonstown Foxes Second Innings All-out for 64 (25.0)
Dalton 23*, Borcich 6/29

Borcich, obviously deciding he might actually have to so something this game to make himself look good, boasted to Rai & Raftery that after their hard work they wouldn't have to bowl a ball in the second innings. Obviously needing to live up to his own expectations, the fire in Borcich's eye was enough to scare Riaz Wajid, who ran himself out without facing a ball. Fear is a powerful motivator. The 26 run last wicket stand being the only hurdle faced by a rampaging Borcich. Clapham disappointed not to take the tail again.

Edfield Seahawks win by 231 runs.
Man of the Match. DK Rai

And there you have it. The Seahawks to face a dominant looking Panthers side tomorrow in the Grand Final. An exciting tussle to be sure. Stay tuned.



Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
(y) Carn the Seahawks!

Pleased to have picked up wickets along the way, gutted at the 5 dropped 2nd innings catches though.