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England vs Australia - an ODI series too far?


Cricketer Of The Year
Agree with slippy.

But then again they will be determined to milk this particular cow till its udder bleeds. So it'd probably end up as best of eleven.


Norwood's on Fire
Best of seven series would be better. If one team wins 4-0 then thats it.

With a best of series it actually gives you a feeling the games matter. More often than not you get to the 6th and 7th games and the series is decided. Thats what kills the fun.

If England and Australia are locked 3-3 going into the 7th will you be bored and not watch it? Doubt it. Most cricket fans would still be looking forward to the final match.

If England or Australian are 4-1 up going into the final 2 matches what the hell is the point.

I had a lot more interested in the 5th game against NZ in Australia this year than the 5th game against South AFrica after they had already won the series.
Yeah fair point, the series we had with India in 07 was a belter


International Coach
Yeah but how would you deal with the grounds and stuff for the final 3 matches if you don't know whether they would be played on or not?


Norwood's on Fire
True, but that was only one ground that missed out and it would be a ground that had probably already hosted a few matches in the series.


Cricketer Of The Year
Always confuses me when people rage about 7 match ODI series, the 2007 England-India series was probably the best ODI series I've watched.
Not sure there's any rage as such, but I do have to admit that the prospect of 7 damp autumnal one dayers doesn't send me into shivers of anticipation. Which is a shame - if this had been a 3 match series before the Tests began, I'd be licking my lips.