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England test tour of Pakistan December 2022


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We won the ODI World Cup and the T20 world cup and Slow Deck can suck it the bitter sad arse.

We also won 3-0 in Pakistan but I guess we were lucky there too.

ashley bach

International Captain
England is quite obviously the best white ball side. It's like, so very obvious that I don't know where to begin. How is this a debate?
The debate begins because 20/20 and ODI cricket are totally different games, thereby combining the two under the term ''white ball'' produces a very
unbalanced rating overall. It's more than plausible for a team to be number 1 in the world in one form yet be quite dire in the other form.
Does that make them the best white ball team around? Hard to say but it's just about time that all 3 categories be completely separated.
In England's case, it would be fair to say after their world cup success they are the best 20/20 team in the world, not obvious, but fair.
ODI is far less obvious, while they missed a few key players and had to play that rubbish series directly after the 20/20 world cup, they were polaxed
so badly that it was obvious that a full strength team would have made no difference. This was against Aus who are only supposedly ranked 6th,
(although this looks hard to believe) so atm they look a mountain away from the best team, although this could drastically change in the next 6 months.


Norwood's on Fire
Yes, and it definitely wasn't you: Gibberish surrounding rain made to sound like a real issue

Still possibly my favourite thread on here.
What a great read that thread is. It reminds me how people from nations inferior to the UK (which, tbf, is all of them) get their kicks from things like the weather (you're close to the equator, it's hot, here have a participation trophy) and how big their land mass is, rather than the exceptional achievements of their countrymen such as the bands that revolutionised popular music, sports played all around the world, Shakespeare, being the only country to stand firm against Hitler, the telephone, the television, ending the slave trade. But no you have four timezones and it's hot waaaaayheeeeeeeeey

fkn losers