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England games

Which England game has been best so far?

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Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
Each of the England games have been great to watch for various reasons, easily the best side to watch for entertainment at least.

Question is which game has been the best of their 4 so far which are all arguably the best 4 games in the competition up to now.


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
The India match, the way it swung in various directions, and it went to the last ball.


Virat Kohli (c)
Gotta be Ireland. Such a ridiculous come back.

SL vs. Pak was better than Eng vs. Netherlands by the way.
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Though the South Africa match was the most satisfying for me, I'd think the neutrals would have more to get out of the Ireland match. O' Brien was just unbelievable.


International Captain
Personally the SA match was the best. But for nerves and shouting at the TV and all that, I can't separate the India and Ireland game, they both gave me a heart attack.


Global Moderator
FWIW I'll remember the best of today's bowling a lot more than any of KOB's innings. I feel that it won't be long before that knock just becomes a number for me - an extraordinary one - but a number nonetheless.


Virat Kohli (c)
Really? I think 100 off 50 balls can never be just a number. Add to the fact it came when his team needed 8+ rpo to win. Add to the fact his team was 5 wickets down. Add to the fact his team is Ireland. Add to the fact the opponent is England. And finally, add to the fact its a World Cup.


Global Moderator
I'm talking about the innings itself, not the context it was played in. What I meant to say that in terms of remembering the shots of the innings itself, replaying them in my head, I'm far more likely to remember the delivery to ABdV. Or the one to Smith.


It's hard to be objective as an Englishman, but I think cases can be made for any of our last three games. The Dutch game was no dud, but probably the weakest of the four because the result was never really in doubt after the start to our innings.

KoB played one of the best innings one could ever wish to see and completely transformed what had looked a regulation win for a test side versus an associate, the ebb and flow of the last ten overs of the Indian game were both enthralling and (for the fan) agony, we saw two great knocks from Sachin and Strauss & a wonderful display of death bowling from Tiny Tim, but as a proper cricketing contest I think the SA game has it. Because we had so little to work with Strauss set attacking fields (mixed in with some questionable bowling changes) and the class in our attack (Swann, Anderson & Broad ably assisted by Bresnan) came belatedly to the party.

IMHO then:

1) SA
2) Ireland
3) India
4) Netherlands


Norwood's on Fire
Outside of Ashes contests (three in particular) it is difficult for me atm to think of a game of cricket that has excited, tantalised, stressed and ultimately satisfied me as much as today. Easy choice IMO.