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ECB presents 100-ball domestic game for men and women


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presented without comment


ECB presents 100-ball domestic game for men and women

Each team will face 15 traditional six-ball overs with an additional ten balls that add a fresh tactical dimension
19 April 2018

ECB today presented its proposed approach for the new eight-team domestic competition - starting in 2020 - to Chairmen and Chief Executives of the First-Class Counties and MCC.

The competition will be based on the simple format of 100 balls for each team.

Featuring aligned competitions for both men’s and women’s teams - sharing a common format, brands and identities in their own leagues - it received unanimous support at today’s meeting at Lord’s and the board of the new competition.

Supporting the aims of the game-wide strategy of Cricket Unleashed, the new 100-ball format will meet key aims for the new competition, including:

- Attracting a wider audience – its simplicity helping to appeal to families and a more diverse and younger audience.
- Promotion for the game – a five-week window in the middle of summer showcasing cricket at major venues, promoted across Sky and BBC and linked to participation.
- Clear differentiation from other competitions – distinct from the popular Vitality Blast with a fresh approach to broadcast coverage and promotion.

The 100-ball concept has also been discussed and supported by the ECB Board, the representative T20 Development Group and ECB’s T20 Governance Group and will now be further developed. It has been welcomed by broadcasters and player representatives – both men and women – have been consulted.

ECB’s Chief Executive Officer Tom Harrison said:

"This is a fresh and exciting idea which will appeal to a younger audience and attract new fans to the game.

"Throughout its development, we have shown leadership, provided challenge and followed a process. We will continue to do that as the concept evolves.

"Our game has a history of innovation and we have a duty to look for future growth for the health and sustainability of the whole game.

"There are 18 First Class Counties, playing red and white ball cricket, at our core and these Counties and competitions will be supported, promoted and benefit from the game’s growth."

ECB Chief Commercial Officer, Sanjay Patel, MD for the new competition, said:

"The development team has had strong support and encouragement in its conversations to date and it’s time to take the concept wider as we build the detail.

"This is 100-ball cricket, a simple approach to reach a new generation. Based on 15 traditional six-ball overs, the other ten balls will add a fresh tactical dimension.

"Crucially, this will also help differentiate this competition from Vitality Blast and other T20 competitions worldwide, maintaining our game’s history of successful innovation.

"The players and our valuable broadcast partners under the new TV partnerships from 2020-24 are vital to the success of this competition and they will see the energy, excitement and simplicity of this approach.”


likes this
The Ashes, cricket behind TV paywalls, T20s and now this - will the ECB never tire of ruining cricket?


International Vice-Captain
So it is technically 16/16, ''15 traditional six-ball overs, and a final 10-ball over'' which some poor sod has to bowl. Correct?

Twenty legal deliveries less than Twenty20.

(I'm going off of the Beeb's description, https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/cricket/43824037).

Morgan, unsurprisingly, and Broad, more surprising perhaps, are supporting it.


Fans' reaction: universal opprobrium.

And they're going on about using it to spread the women's game (what will happen to the Kia Super League which has done such good work in that regard?) yet all the Aussie and English girls said recently that they want to play more test cricket! It is sort of demeaning that you see this tinpot competition as desirable to spread the women's game rather than the traditional formats.
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U19 Debutant
Almost every cricket fan I know has been opposed to this whole idiotic tournament from the start- I’ll guessing after a few weeks the stadiums are gonna be totally ****ing empty with more people flocking to the t20 blast as a point of principle. The games will still be three hours odd so the kids who are more inclined towards xboxes and Netflix aren’t going to be that enthused, whereas it won’t take the ones who might like cricket long to realize everyone in England sees it as a joke. Pathetically the rights to the overseas tv market, if they can bring in the big stars, could make it a decent earner while they’re playing to empty stadiums :laugh:


International Vice-Captain
Vaughan supports it of course haha.

Virtually no one cares about women's cricket. Witness the women's cricket thread on this very forum which has had 200 posts in 14 years, most of which are about tennis.
Well, I do not think you are completely correct but irrespective, nobody is going to prefer a women's 16/16 over a women's 20/20 (if women's cricket will ever cotton on with the public?).


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Am I the only one that doesn't get this? When T20 cricket came around it was a genuinely novel idea, and a pretty drastic difference from 50 over cricket.

Going from T20 to 100 balls is barely even that much of a change. It's like going from 50 over cricket to 40-45 over cricket and announcing it as a fancy new format. (40-45 over cricket has been used in some domestic comps for years anyway)

Like, what's the point?


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Let the 10 guys (minus keeper) in the fielding team bowl a single ball each in that final '10 ball' over.
Now that brings up an idea that might actually be interesting. Make it sort of like the Hong-kong 6s where every player has to bowl and (maybe) every player has to bat too. Would bring more selection tactics into it.