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Dan Carter ruled out of tournament


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Mate, I like you, but every second post you're making has this silver spoon remark in it. Frankly it's bull****. If someone was to post about NRL players being wife-beating pill popping lowest common denominator with no career prospects after football and an IQ equivalent to the number on their back you'd prob call me out on it as well.

Do agree that is a tragedy to see Carter out as you do want the best players playing for every team. Wish him a speedy recovery and best wishes to the NZ economy :ph34r:
Well you'd probably be right tbf.


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Weepu did not cover himself with glory in his 30 minutes at the helm a poor up and under. An aimless kick for territory that wasn't deep enough. Two or three poor passes that created turnovers.
But on the other hand a great short kicking game, and a nice line break, and he went 4/4 with his kicking.

Better than Slade I thought primarily due to the goalkicking aspect.

Play Weepu in the quarters -

Who would you play - I know Somers answer (Weepu) and Athlai's answer (Slade) what say the rest of you...
I thought Weepu played pretty well in his 25 minutes or so. Worth keeping in mind that the game was very scrappy at that point so the ABs and Weepu were employing a more open game so some of the short chips and up and unders were more out of experimentation than gameplan. As I mentioned in the Group A topic though, Weepu seemed to be much more assured in what he was doing - I still get the feeling Slade's confidence is not high enough to lead around this AB side.

The 4/4 goalkicking is obviously a positive aspect though as Athlai mentioned only one was difficult. My overall prediction is that Henry and co. will start with Slade at 10 AND Weepu at 9, but perhaps having Weepu goalkick. That allows Cowan, SBW and Toeava/Guildford/Jane on the bench.


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somehow we all suspected he might get injured.

Thanks for the posts lads. better that the injury happened now rather than right before the quarters.

The way Henry was talking he was more pleased with Slade than he was with Weepu. So the best Weepu can do is half back like you say Somers.

I wonder if Robbie Deans would handle this injury differently than Henry (ie who would play instead)


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Who would you play - I know Somers answer (Weepu) and Athlai's answer (Slade) what say the rest of you...
Time for the emergency call up for the ever dependable David Holwell.

Though it looked as if he was playing at 10 for the Canadians today, sadly.


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Well Slade's a Cantabrian - he only signed with the Highlanders to play at 10 in Super Rugby - so I doubt whether Deans would be approaching things differently.

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I think Slade the distributor can work if we dominate the opposition, which we'll hopefully do against Argentina barring some sort of horror show, but I wouldn't like to see Slade in an arm wrestle. I don't mind that he makes mistakes. If we're being honest, Carter makes plenty of mistakes. It's Slade's nervousness that I find off putting. Even when he does good things you never get the feeling that he's building in confidence. Henry keeps saying that he needs more time. Someone ought to remind him the knockout stuff starts next weekend.


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i don't even want Cruden name to the reserve bench....he tries to do it all himself instead of shovelling the ball on.


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RWC: Can the All Blacks win the RWC without Dan Carter? Rugby-Talk
It’s impossible to overstate the significance of the tournament-ending injury to Dan Carter.

The All Blacks to my mind are now possibly equal with the pack.

With Carter they had a world-class asset that made them odds-on to win the World Cup; now they’re still among the contenders but have suffered a favouritism setback.

He’s that important. With Carter the All Blacks would have comfortably implemented their game-plan, executed moves and kicked the big goals to win the tournament. In essence, we have lost an edge we once had because we have lost a weapon that’s irreplaceable.

If people don’t believe me, sit down and watch the French game again.

Israel Dagg was player of the match but for me Carter was the best player on the paddock. He created nearly everything the All Blacks did and that was because he reads the game so well.

When you talk about game management, it’s not just kicking and passing when you’re supposed to – it’s kicking at the right time and distance, and it’s passing to the right player. It’s picking those moments that he is the best in the world at.

Carter out may have a silver-lining for NZ. The rest of the AB team members now know they have to lift their game to compensate. It has been complacency and unexpected set-backs during games that might have been part of why NZ ‘choked’ in the previous three World Cups.

The positive for NZ in all this is that can now adjust and take remedial/corrective steps. They can rehearse certain options with the new No10 and make sure they have senior players around the new player and get everyone in the team on speed. It’s not ideal but far better than losing pivotal talisman during a match and trying to adjust under pressure.

In summary; I think the injury to Carter made NZ more vulnerable but it will still require a special team and monstrous effort to beat this NZ team.


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It's easy to forget that he's also one of the best defensive players in the side.