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CWXI Development League


Cricketer Of The Year
signed up not long ago so if i missed the team who do i play for know, what do i do, sit onthe bench and wait.

struggle , talent is hard to find u know lol :P

Mr Mxyzptlk

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Starting XI's for Season 2 Opening Proceedings

New Zealand A
Peter Fulton (C), Craig Cumming, Tim McIntosh, Jesse Ryder, Rob Nicol, Michael Papps (WK), Tama Canning, Joseph Yovich, Bruce Martin, Michael Mason, Ian Butler.

England A
Dominic Cork (C), Ian Ward, Chris Read (WK), Ian Bell, James Troughton, Ed Smith, Owais Shah, Rikki Clarke, Chris Silverwood, James Kirtley, Martin Saggers.
Australia A
Greg Blewett (C), Simon Katich, Mike Hussey, Michael Slater, Jamie Cox, Matthew Elliott, Bradley Haddin (WK), Cameron White, Nathan Hauritz, Ashley Noffke, Brad Williams, Nathan Bracken.

CW Development XI
Umpire Money (C), Paid the Umpire, Mr Mxyzptlk, Bugssy, Marc71178, Eyes Only, Age Master, Sunil Havascar, Master Blaster, Mr Ponting, Chris Hinton.


U19 Captain
I'm not in the first XI, so I'm in full support of the motion proposed by Reuben in the other thread :D .... he proposed that there should me two Cricketweb Devs teams, the 'A' side with the best players, the 'B' side with the not so good players and players will be replaced depending on their preformance....


Hall of Fame Member
R_Powell_fan said:
I'm not in the first XI, so I'm in full support of the motion proposed by Reuben in the other thread :D .... he proposed that there should me two Cricketweb Devs teams, the 'A' side with the best players, the 'B' side with the not so good players and players will be replaced depending on their preformance....
yeah i think the 2 dev squads is a great idea as it means everyone will get more of a go :)

Happy to be in the 1st starting XI too :):)


Cricketer Of The Year
"bugssy jumps in delight as he receives he baggy blue cwdx1 hat."

know to make the next step into the cwx1 1st side.

lets kill em cwdx1 hey

Mr Mxyzptlk

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My comments from the other thread.

Re: 2 Dev teams.

I think that this will only be possible next season (ie sometime in September) because I have already laid out the infrastructure for the current system. There are 8 teams currently and that makes for a balanced schedule.

Here's is what will be done next season:-

1/ A CWXI 'A' team will be added to the competition. The 'rookie' players will play for the Dev XI and the discarded Test/ODI players will represent the 'A' team.
2/ Teams will be split into 2 divisions of 5 according to strength of finish in Season 2.
3/ Teams will play each other twice in 5D and OD.
4/ Top 3 teams in each division will compete against each other in a playoff-like setup. More will be explained on this later.
5/ The All Star Team will be picked from the 8 non-CW teams and they will compete against a CW All Star team. This team will comprise of the best of the CWXI 'A' team and Dev XI.

That's about it. :)


State Vice-Captain
im a wee bit late..

but..for the next league or whatever, i wanna join..i may only be 14[almost 15] but im pretty good..last year[this year earlier so far anyway]

23inns 10nos 470runs hs-87 50s-6

i havent bothered to work out my average, the stats are my club-u-15 and district u-14]

bowling 10 overs maiden-1 runs-65 wks-2

not a wicky, rh batsman top3 sometimes even as low as 4 but prefer either 3 or 1.
r arm medium or any kind of spin.

p.s. i play 25 over cricket so yous decide howthat affects my stats


International Captain
Mr Mxyzptlk said:
Signup form.

Handedness (LHB/RHB):
Keeper? Y/N
Bowling (OS/LS/LAS/Chinaman/F/FM/MF/M):
General Batting position (1-11):

Batting Avge:
Bowling Avge:
name: Chris hinton
Handedness LHB
Keeper No
Bowling Chinaman
Batting 11

Batting average : 4
Bowling Average: 27
Last edited:

Mr Mxyzptlk

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You are already in the team, but as a slow medium bowler. It seems as though you're switching to chinaman, so I'll just edit your file to suit.

However, I will say that you will likely get more playing time as a seamer than a spinner.


State Vice-Captain
ok, i have updated my avg lists etc now included with my results for my school,so my stats include district, club and school for the past 4 months...id say theyre ok at the very least

batting RH

BATTING STATS--- INN-43 NO-27 RUNS-1071 AVG-66.9375 HS-89 50s-10 100s-0 SR- AROUND 75%

BOWLING- O-65 M-10 RUNS-247 W-32 ECON-3.8 AVG-7.72 BB-4/7

theres some things to take into consideration
1] 25 over cricket
2] my econ rate is so good only when i bowl med pace when i hardly give away 2 an over but no wickets so i have alternate my bowling stuyle depending on the match situation
3]even though i bat at no: 3 i have still managed to get 27 nos thats because im not that agressive and should make a good test batsman as well as a good od batsman for CW.
4] my bowl avg should be tripled if you want a reasonable reality and my batting avg halved...
5] i hope i can open at no:1 in tests cos i really doubt ill get out because my whole games based on a defense which leads to shots such as glances, drives and late cuts usually nothing spectacularly crazy except the odd pull which i really want to pull off[ i still havent ] and a place in the top 4 for the ods preferably below buggsy cos he sounds good so i wont have as much pressure on me as him...

Mr Mxyzptlk

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Those stats look good. You will be considered if there is a major injury in the squad. However, you will play next season for sure. Just remind me at the end of Season 2.


State Vice-Captain
injury, eh? i can make something of that


but seriously, thanks and ill definmetely remind you but if the season ends in the next few days i cant because ill be flying back to england tonight so you lot wont hear for a couple of days..


State Vice-Captain

I am honoured to receive this baggy coloured CW cap.

okay, lets now movew on to other financial and personal demands, i mean matters

what no:shirt will i be wearing?
how much do we get payed?
can i give harmless info to bookies for a bit of extra cash?